The Best Nintendo Exclusives We're Still Playing

From Cinelinx:

All month long in our Gamerlinx editorial series, we’ve been talking about the best exclusives to have ever graced the Nintendo systems. While our writers have done a great job breaking some of them down, there’s simply too many to cover in one month! So instead, for our final article this month we’ve opened it up to ALL of our writers to briefly discuss our favorite Nintendo exclusives that we’re still playing to this day.

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Magnus1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Nintendo should do a new Super Mario RPG that is one of the greatest RPGs around.

3-4-51479d ago

For on Nintendo consoles/handhelds always seem to STILL BE FUN like 5-20 years later.

Where as last gen, I can only think of maybe 10 of those games I'd ever want to play again.

higgins781479d ago

I think Mario Galaxy (1&2) are flawless, just when I thought it were impossible for a videogame to achieve this status. I still own and play both today. Saying that, neither are particularly 'retro' and - in my opinion - still look and play as good as any current gen title currently lauding it. I would like to (before I end) give a massive shout out to Resident Evil 4 (GC). I know, hardly an exclusive for long - for Nintendo's GameCube, but to me never bettered than when it launched originally. One very last thing...Metroid Prime.

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