Witcher 3 Developer Talks DLC

CD Projekt Red, the developer of the next Witcher game, has opened up with its attitude towards DLC and DRM, explaining why it's against both of them.

Speaking to IGN during last week's EGX convention, head of marketing and PR Michal Platkow-Gilewski revealed it ultimately comes down to what they want to encounter in releases from other developers.

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Genova841482d ago

Agreed. I liked that they released the update to TW2 for free on PC. The extra content was made with the port to console on 360. Game should be sweet!

spacedelete1482d ago

major respect for CD Project but weren't they one of the key supporters of MS's DRM plan with the Xbox One ?

yarbie10001482d ago

"Each time we are thinking about a decision, the first rule is we have to treat gamers like we’d like to be treated."

"Then, with DLC, it’s small content. Like one-thousandth of the whole game. Why should you charge for that? If it’s small, give it for free. I know it’s not always possible or easy but this is what we want to give gamers; a little bit of love, which we’d like to get from other developers as gamers ourselves."


lazyboyblue1482d ago

If Carlsberg made game developers.

sssb1482d ago

Hats up for CD Project Red.


EA & Activision & Ubisoft Take notes!! This is how you treat the gamers

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