Hardline Vs Advanced Warfare – The Early Verdict

IM PLAYIN discusses the multiplayer demos available to play at EGX of Battlefield Hardline and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, and looks at which one was better at the expo.

"Following on from our time at EGX London, I was able to play both Battlefield: Hardline and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, so this gives me the perfect excuse to do a very early preview of both of the games and see how they stand up side by side."

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Farmassy1480d ago

Both of these are a pass for me. I have supported both COD and BF in the past but I can't keep purchasing games that don't move the franchises forward. Hardline looks like BF4 with a new skin and nothing that I have seen of Advanced Warfare really looks that different. There are some new abilities but it mostly looks like the same old stuff.

If I had to choose, I would say COD... but we don't have to choose. Neither is also a good option right now. There are plenty of other games for both consoles so neither one is a justified buy at this time

this might change in the future though. I am still willing to give it a chance if they can surprise me

oODEADPOOLOo1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I just cancelled COD order that a friend made for me and got shadow of mordor instead.. comes by mail tommorow. Got tired of giving EA and Activision money they dont earn. The only game either has that has my interest is Battlefront 3 at this point.

Though I admit single player aspect seems alot more interesting this time around especially with spacey. It was the main reason I ordered in the first place, but seeing as how Activision chopped up the story from Destiny and Angryjoes review on it. I had feeling they may have done something similar to this one. I think I'll just watch campaign walkthroughs on youtube to find out the story.

MetroidFREAK211480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Well I have BF4, but never really did get into it. On the other hand, I've been playing Call of Duty for years, and the reasons I keep coming back is because its fun, fast paced, and familiar. I enjoy it. Sure there is other games besides those two coming out, but I usually stick with what I know I'll like unless a new game can draw me in. Next year, there will be more variety of games, but for this November, it's CoD and Halo for me :)

iSuperSaiyanGod1480d ago

Plants vs zombies GW beats them all

ScottyHoss1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Early is putting it lightly for hardline lol I'm waiting on CoD, not sure how it will go but he described it as not drastically different from the previous iteration in both cases. Let's just hope that isn't the case on release

BattleAxe1480d ago

Call of Duty will have far more value than Battlefield: Hardline. 7 multiplayer game modes and 9 multiplayer maps just isn't good enough.

Kingdomcome2471480d ago

I may get lambasted for this, but I'm surprisingly really looking forward to COD. I think the campaign will be great. Who knows, though? They've always made tantalizing trailers for COD.

dcj05241480d ago

Same here man. Haven't bought a cod since 2010. Yhis actually looks good. Not too much hype either.

Dirtnapstor1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

At this point, the campaigns for both games are most intriguing. That's my primary reason for purchasing.
Multiplayer: Hopefully Hardline will be tweaked so that it won't look like a reskin, and that AW will not be another Disney adventure that was Ghosts.

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