First Bloodborne Alpha test starts tomorrow in Europe, UK

More invitations for the Bloodborne Alpha have been sent to PlayStation 4 users, along with the schedule for the tester.

The tester will be open on October 1, October 3, and October 5 and the times are from 6pm – 9pm BST.

Players will be able to participate during the dates listed, and the size of the tester is reportedly 3.7GB.

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ArchangelMike1480d ago

Yeah I got an alpha invite. Shave I'm out all day on 1st OCt. But hopefully I'll catch the other days.

Neixus1480d ago

I really don't see the reason why i got this email, when i won't be able to play the alpha?

Anyone know the point of that email?

Iltapalanyymi1480d ago

got my code! cant wait to play it tomorrow. meanwhile i play the crew beta!

CaptainSellers1480d ago

I thought people who got souls game plats got one? Ive got 5 souls plats and got the original email to register, what gives?

Tibbers1480d ago

Platinums don't make you special.

CaptainSellers1480d ago

I never said that did I? the emails went out to platinum owners but it was obviously no guarantee.

Ah well hopefully I'll get in to the next one.

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