Here Are Your Player Rankings For NBA 2K15

The rankings had been revealed in bits and pieces, but now all the rankings for all 424 players for NBA 2K15 have been revealed. Here they are

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Webbyy1479d ago

Cool List. but why is Kobe the 6th best player on the list? Is he even the same guy anymore after his injury?

Simco8761479d ago

No and he shouldn't be that high, IMO

Simco8761479d ago

Always good to see KD up there.

snowbearder1479d ago

I feel like Rose should be higher. He's so good when he's healthy.

KakashiHotake1479d ago

I think it's because of those knee injuries. Nobody really knows what kind of player he is at this point, and he's missed a lot of games so he has to build himself back up 1st. I can see him being a lot more passive and this year to avoid hurting himself again, but if he can get his mid range jumper back falling he'll be alright.