Destiny: A Case Study in Big Budget Hype and Disappointment

Bungie didn't just promise us the world, they promised us a galaxy.

The developers' first post-Halo IP was hyped to the point it could never possibly fail, by the press, developers, publishers, and fans. An exciting new series from the creators of Halo with the full backing of a huge publisher - why wouldn't you be excited?

Bungie didn't help temper expectations either. Bungie COO Pete Parsons said in an interview last year: "We like to tell big stories and we want people to put the Destiny universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Star Wars."

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averagejoe261480d ago

But no one is really that disappointed.

Only blogs/reviewers and people who pretend to have owned the game are disappointed.

Local gamestops show incredibly low return rates (unless that's just near where I live).

Every single person I know or have come in contact with who have this game, love it.

It's truly baffling.

UnHoly_One1480d ago

Reading about it on the net leads me to believe a ton of people are disappointed, but none of them are my friends, for sure.

We all love it and can't quit playing.

The story isn't much to get excited about it, but that is also the part I care about the least.

All I really need for a story is "Aliens over there, shoot them in the face" and that gives me all the motivation I need. lol

GiggMan1480d ago

Yeah that is funny. These articles are get ting old, it's obvious people aren't going to stop playing.

Time to write about something else...

PONTIAC08G8GT1480d ago

I've got it for x1 and I have to be honest, its not very good. Really disappointed in almost every aspect of the game. I think its a 6/10 kind of game. I have no excitement to play it or anything to look forward with it. I know GameStop is offering $40 up until like October 8 so I'll be trading it in by then. Game just provides zero fun/excitement to me. All preference though.

Legacy2121480d ago

Game was a huge disappointment... and yes ive played it and finished it. All levels are a mixture of ghost scanning objects and you surviving a horde of enemies. customization for you character is baffling poor for a rpg and story was non existant. I beat the game and still have no idea what happened. Then they want me to replay the same old levels on harder diffuclties to get better loot and call that fun. I wish I didn't buy the game digitally so I could get my money back