NGB | Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Review

NGB Wrote: "Overall the graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay and storylines are very engaging, however as I got into them too much I found that I was completing one or two cases a day which meant that the game itself did not last me even a week, and after lengthy amounts of play I found that certain elements became repetitive and less of a challenge. I had many aha! moments followed by periods of frustration trying to solve one of the many puzzles but a great sense of achievement was always found when I beat a puzzle or caught the right suspect. For fans of Sherlock, mysteries and puzzles this is a must play however for those looking for a long lasting game with more action then this may not be for you. With the addition of more cases the experience would be even greater and with the addition of harder challenges, such as timed puzzles it would provide an even more extensive gameplay experience. I have great expectations for the future of the series which on this experience, looks to be quite promising."

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