Why Doing Cocaine Is Better Than Playing World of Warcraft

Video Games Made Me Do It: World of Warcraft has been around a long time and is considered one of the best massive multiplayer games to date. However, even though it is an exciting experience in creating make believe characters, it has also shattered many families and lives due to WoW addiction.

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johndoe112111504d ago

Was it even possible to come up with a more inappropriate title?

xHeavYx1504d ago

I think that, after reading the title, people will stop doing cocaine because they'll be afraid of ending up like the "journalist" who wrote this piece

Mega241504d ago

This article is wrong in so many levels.

pompombrum1504d ago

Honestly, I'd give it a 10/10 for a catchy title considering it grabs your attention without having to resort to fanboy baiting.

brish1504d ago

I'm not going to the article because of the title.

They just lost ad revenue.

BlackTar1871504d ago

People are so sensitive^^^^

brish1503d ago


It's not a sensitivity issue. The title just makes the article sound dumb so I have no interesting in reading it.

xx4xx1504d ago

It's very appropriate....I suppose you never tried cocaine.

ScottyHoss1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I've heard good things! /S

On topic: just another nail in the coffin that is positive public perception of video games... Brought to you by yours truly, gaming journalists. Thank you VGMMDI, as if WoW didn't already have a bad rep (in the publics view).

Yes I know it's a light hearted article but you're just giving overprotective mothers, major news outlets and politicians more ammunition to strike down the industry with. They will compare our hobby to drug addiction as they have before.

LightDiego1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I used once, i would give 8.5/10
Not better than Skyrim.

TM3331503d ago

I have tried cocaine WAY back in the day and hate everything it stands for with a passion. Cocaine, crack, all that meth crap is some of the most evil demonic shite you will encounter. I'd rather not have it get mixed up in my news. To anyone who's not tried it.. beware and stay clear. That stuff can control you and make you do things you just might be VERY ashamed of.

3-4-51504d ago

This is just beyond lacking in ethics......person should be ashamed of the title.

BlackTar1871504d ago

People should lighten up jeez

I can't believe you get offended by this. The title is nowhere as bad as any TV show outside of Sprouts and Disney Junior.

3-4-51504d ago

I'm not offended, it's just at the level he/she is at, they are supposed to know better.

Anybody can write that, they are supposed to have a skill above and beyond what they wrote.

Magicite1503d ago

some people are just too messed up.

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MarquiseGT1504d ago

Yeah I can't condone this

majiebeast1504d ago

Wow. Thats enough internet for today.

DarkOcelet1504d ago

Well its 1 am here for me so yes thats enough for me :) .

gangsta_red1504d ago

Doing cocaine is better than 98% of the things video games has to offer!

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