Is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Merely a Titanfall Knockoff?

Fatal Hero: There comes a moment where you fall in love with a video game over a single event.

I can remember my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare moment vividly. I was sitting behind a digital gas station, holding firm among the stray bullets and hellfire missiles, watching a sniper sit atop “Grandma’s House” methodically picking off my teammates running to a back alley. In that moment I pulled up my scope, held my breath along with my video game counterpart, and dropped him in a single shot. Moments like these incited endless hours of enjoyment for gamers as they poured over weapon unlocks, kill streak rewards, and beautifully diverse maps.

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Kingthrash3601571d ago

Cod knocks off a game thats a knock off of cod.
Its getting ridiculous imo.
I mean why does everything have to be a knock off? Tf is tf...cod is cod. Not to mention this cod was in development for a couple years now. ..I cant see how its a knock off.
If thats the case hows bout we say tf is a knock off of blacklight. Blacklight is a online only fps with mechs and driods. Smh all fps or any same genre games have similarities, it doesn't mean ones a knock off of an other.

MSBAUSTX1570d ago

All FPS games are a knock off in terms of gameplay at it's core. They may add a little tweak here and there that makes it their own, but as a whole they all ripped off Duke Nukem 3D or Doom. Once those games popularized the genre, everything after them was an imitation of them.

darthv721570d ago

the term "knock off" seems so cliche now a days. Technically speaking, almost anything could be considered a knock off of something prior.

I generally see it used to downplay the success of something to which something else takes influence from. it's okay for there to be games of similar nature made by different companies. it is the most common occurrence in movies, tv and music.

Things in popular culture that rise in popularity and recognition are the first to be copied and/or exploited by others trying to gain a piece of that pie.

Zenith4k1570d ago

O where back to this question again very original if you wrote it 5months ago!!!

BX811570d ago

Its a solid title that lacks depth but is a very promising start to new ip. Then your a$$ better call somebody..... the rock :)

Foehammer1570d ago

If you're going to take aim at something, might as well aim for the best.

MetroidFREAK211569d ago

No, I personally think this is not a knock-off... Call of Duty has needed some change for awhile now, and sure it may borrow some ideas, Call of Duty uses them to create it's own original content. Every game will borrow from others, that's how ideas come about, but to call AW a knock off, well that's just silly, it won't be anything like Titanfall, as Titanfall wasn't anything like Call of Duty.

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