My Wife The Casual Gamer Reacts To Destiny

Fatal Hero: A few nights ago, I pitched the idea to Vicki about doing a My Wife, The Casual Gamer piece on Destiny. She seemed quite disinterested in the game. I’ve been pretty much playing it on a massive bender, so I figured she was just a little tired of hearing and seeing it, but I decided to press her a little more. I continued to ask her why she wasn’t interested in talking about Destiny, since I was sure readers would love to hear their thoughts on it. “No they won’t.”

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RG_Dubz1504d ago

If I wanted a casual gamers opinion I'd just ask you for yours, not your wife.

The author is about as much of a casual gamer as you can get.

Septic1502d ago

"The author is about as much of a casual gamer as you can get."

Why do you say that?

XB1_PS41502d ago

Lol, I pictured something along the lines of this.

MSBAUSTX1502d ago

If you don't want a casual gamers opinion then why did you click on his article? The only reason you are attacking his gaming integrity is because there are some not nice things said about Destiny in his article and you are butt hurt by it.

Destiny has been well documented to have a shallow story and be completely multiplayer driven. This is a problem that TONS of critics have talked about and given it sub stellar ratings due to it having no story.

If you love this game due to its awesome, because it is, multiplayer aspects, that's great. His wife doesn't and just because she doesn't like it does not mean that the game can't be enjoyed or that he is now a casual gamer because of writing this article. Fact is Destiny won't be enjoyed for it's amazing story. It will for it's competitive play.

RG_Dubz1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

To leave a comment for this casual gamer who calls his wife a casual gamer, when he could just give his own casual gamer opinion.

BTW I don't like Destiny that game has casual written all over it, almost as much as Angry Birds and CoD, so fail on the butthurt assumption.

The wife actually sounds more of a hardcore gamer (she's obviously not) but she sounds more hardcore then you or the author to tell you the truth.

MSBAUSTX1502d ago


Boo hoo hoo.

To quote Perjoss' reply to Bandit905 saying he is tired of articles about Destiny below:

"Just stop clicking on Destiny links."

If you do not like Destiny and think this author is a casual and assume I am too just because you got upset, don't click on the Destiny articles and troll the hell out of them. If you are such a hardcore gamer then you would be playing games right now instead of being a troll.

bandit9051502d ago

I'm getting tired of hearing about destiny... Why not talk about upcoming games?

Perjoss1502d ago

Then stop clicking on Destiny links. Just an idea.

bandit9051502d ago

Or maybe they should post more games other then destiny there's an idea

Septic1502d ago

Nah Perjoss' idea is better

Baka-akaB1502d ago

They do , right now there are plenty articles about forza , driveclub , Shadow of Mordor , Dragon Age3 , at a mere glance , you just chose instead to waste time on a destiny thread .

Spotie1502d ago

I'm getting tired of people complaining about hearing about games they choose to hear about.

ScottyHoss1502d ago

"Me, I’m going to continue to enjoy The Sims 4"
Her opinion became invalid to me at that moment.