Xbox One shifts 100k units in China on Day 1

The Xbox One has shifted 100k units in China on Day 1 according to vice president of SMG, Mr. Zhang. This figure was revealed in a Chinese forum A9VG and it isn’t sure yet whether it is shipped or sold. Either way it is highly impressive and is thrice the amount of Xbox One consoles shipped in Japan on day 1.

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XB1_PS41504d ago

Not sure if sold, or shipped. Either way the reception has been surprisingly positive. I'm glad to see china adopt a console. With their population, they could eventually become a contender to the US as the main market.

TimeSkipLuffy1504d ago

If their government wouldn't be afraid of freedom they would easily be one of the biggest console market.

Webbyy1504d ago

Yea, If only the government was not so strict. either way. 100k for x1 over there is promising. Good launch MS.

Ballsack1504d ago

Sony messed up not taking advantage of the 14 year console drought in China

Ms can take serious advantage of this.. Great day one sales

PeaSFor1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

shipped 100K consoles?

let see home many consoles was sold to customers.... if we ever get the number.

ABizzel11504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

This is good for them (if SOLD). Although it's not the numbers they needed to be back in the running to win September, the XBO will nonetheless have a great month.

Half way through the month sales were:

PS4: 600k
XBO: 300k
3DS: 190k (good sales still, but I see why the new model is coming)
PS3: 100k (the little console that could)
Wii U: 80k (get Smash out ASAP)
360: 60k
Vita: 47k (PS4 + PSTV bundle needs to happen, $479 (save $20))
Wii: 13k

So more than likely the PS4 still won September, but the XBO pulled FAR ahead of everyone else for the month and should be around 600k - 700k units by the end of September (which was EXACTLY in the range I said they would be, so take that 80+ disagrees). So once again great month for them, and good job with the WW launch.

Eonjay1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Not sure if its shipped or sold, but the article says they plan to sell 1 million in the first year (12 months). This means that the number is probably shipped, because if it was sold, their projections should be a hell of a lot higher.


The end of the month is today.

Concertoine1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Thats why Nintendo should release there. All of their system selling games are inoffensive to the government.

I'm surprised by this launch, assuming it was sold. It'll be interesting to see how the numbers hold the upcoming weeks.

4Sh0w1504d ago

Glad to see the positive reception for X1 in China, I think China will likely fill the void in fanbase that Japan has never given microsoft. I sure hope we can get some solid monthly figures from China to see sales trends.

ABizzel1, source???

harrisk9541504d ago


Sony will also be selling in China... They have a distribution partner already set up. China has only just allowed foreign console manufacturers into the country. MS was quicker to the punch, but Sony is not too far behind.

mikeslemonade1504d ago

Have we lowered our standards for what is good sales? This is what we expect. When PS4 and X1 launches in EU or NA it sells millions. 100k isn't shit and it will drop real fast after this.

system221504d ago

i wouldn't say they are afraid of freedom so much as prefer having power but yes. the population is huge and even a small portion of that population able to afford consoles would still be huge.

ABizzel11504d ago


I know, but we don't have numbers for the 20th or the 27th which is why I only posted half the months numbers.


No official numbers yet, all we can go by is what MS claims to have sold and the rumored numbers from VGChartz -_-

But realistically sales should 450k units excluding the last few console launches.

Week 1: 130k
Week 2: 170k
Week 3: 50k - 80k (should be around 75k)
Week 4: 50k - 80k (should be around 75k)

Add in the China launch (if it's truly 100k units sold, not shipped), the India launch if it indeed did well, and the other few countries and the XBO could very well hit the 600k mark. 500k is a given.

UltimateMaster1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

100k for a country the size of China is extremely small.
China has over 1 billion citizen (That's 1,000,000.), the country alone is 1/7th of the global population.
It's only a small % of the entire population, 100k is like a rounding error, let alone even knowing how many of them were actually sold. On a WW sale and % comparison, it's pretty low.
It's really nothing to claim victory about by any means.
If that was America, it would be 50k or less units rather than 1 million.

Kingthrash3601504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

What I was thinking^^^^
I mean not to take anything away from ms but 100k is pretty small for a maket this huge and this thirsty for games.
And its not even sold its I dont know "shifted" whats that mean?
So tired of word play. ..but im happy for china tgey missed out on alot of great games all these years

UltimateMaster1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

My bad, I don't know why I've changed the numbers...
It's 1,000,000,000. It's 0.0001% of the population.
Why I put 1 million instead. I don't know... I'm kinda tired.
American products such as the iPhone are struggling in the country. (Ironically, the iPhone is doing well in Japan)
If they would have sold that % in America, it'd be under 50k and not the 1 Million they did sold/shipped on day 1.
Day 1 is always the highest number too. Also, polls show very little interest in the Xbox console, like only 8% wanted the Xbox One and not other consoles, the PS4 came at 78%.
Hell, the PS4 sells more consoles than that on a weekly basis in America alone.

pixelsword1504d ago

@ TimeSkipLuffy:

You'd think China's government would at least welcome the original XBO because of it's ability to watch and listen to you 24/7, recognize who's in the room, and can't be shut off even if you don't play.

In the XBO's first iteration, it seemed to be the ideal vehicle to monitor the Communist populace.

gootimes1504d ago

Wow, great launch there, congrats to them.

noctis_lumia1504d ago

ABizzel1 cbo will still eat dust this gen so calm down

memots1504d ago

China needs some freedom fries

ABizzel11504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

@UltimateMaster & Kingtrash

It's been over 14 years, we don't even know now much of China are gamers, specifically console gamers. 100k for the population of 1 billion seems small, but it's a start for a country that's been at 0 for the last 14 years. China is a waiting game for everyone to see if it's a market worth investing in. 100k sales is nothing to scoff at, and even if it drops the same percentage that the XBO did in Japan, that's still 10k sells per week which translates into at least 520k sales per year (at least, due to holiday boost). Selling over 500k a year in what is currently considered a tier 2 region is something all the big 3 would want.


It's sad so-called gamers like you exist. What do you gain by trying to put the XBO down? People who can't congratulate someone on a job well done, are the definition of a hater. You sir are a hater. Hopefully this will help you.


UltimateMaster1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

China, a tier 2 country? Really? Are you kidding me?
If you truly believe that, then you've been asleep for the last 14 years.
China has an ever growing middle class, who's currency doubled on a year-to-year basis (That's a lot when we consider a normal inflation rate to be 3%)
It's not that our economy has dropped, it's just been a very slow economic recovery that just made economies everywhere else in the world rise significantly. I'm thinking Brazil made significant progress.
Their economy is almost on par with the American Economy and maybe in 1, 2 or even 5 years, their economy will grow bigger than America's economy within 10 years, guaranteed.

So yeah, sleep on that tonight.
Why is the Xbox One is 600 US$ rather than 500$ or 400$?
Tax. It's always because of taxes.

ABizzel11503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


China is a Tier 2 country in terms of video game consoles. What part of my post had anything to do with China's financial economy? China hasn't had a console in 14+ years, so how on earth are they anything but a Tier 2 country. If the XBO broke out and sold +1 million, then by all means it would be a Tier 1 country instantly for MS, but as it stands it's Tier 2 for "VIDEO GAME CONSOLES".

Reading Comprehension would save people from so many unneeded post.

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GribbleGrunger1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Yeah, we're still waiting on that information; however, IF is is 'sold through' then we'd have to consider this launch a huge success. For the XB1 (a much maligned console) to launch in an unproven market and sell 100k in the first few days is not to be sniffed at. Of course, if it's only 'shipped' we'd have to temper our enthusiasm.

Sony will be looking at this very closely, and if the XB1 makes decent headway there I can see an earlier launch of the PS4 in China than expected.

XB1_PS41504d ago

I think Sony will try to rush into China if MS makes headway over the next few weeks. Although Japanese products tend to not do well in China. That may be need for concern. The Chinese aren't stupid though. The PS4 is a great product, I think will sell fine there.

GribbleGrunger1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I'm guessing Sony are waiting to build up a portfolio of none politicise-able games for China. Their censorship is 'to the bone' and not easily circumvented. This could encourage Sony though, which is why they may release a month or two before they originally planned. I was guessing around the middle of 2015 but this may move it forward to Feb/March.

In the meantime, Sony will be concentrating on breaking one last consumer habit: The XB has always dominated sales in a six weeks period leading up to and during Christmas.

All their advertising and manufacturing will be aimed squarely at the UK and the US, so focusing and manufacturing PS4s for an unproven market are not going to be part of their plan just yet.

Dlacy13g1504d ago

I am going to guess this number is sold through and not shipped as MS would already have had "shipped to" numbers prior to this launch day being that they would have needed to "ship" them to the stores in time for day one.

GribbleGrunger1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

A guy on Gaf (who can read Chinese) has said it's 'shipped', so we're still waiting on actual sales figures. We could see excitement turn to despair overnight.

-Alpha1504d ago

"Although Japanese products tend to not do well in China. That may be need for concern."

This always sounds like a terrible myth. Any proof of this, please?

I've heard just as much that Chinese people don't care about where the product comes from.

XB1_PS41504d ago

@Alpha It happens all the time. Sometimes boycotts, sometimes government.


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nitus101504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Well China has a population of 1.3 billion and if you look at Shanghai (pop 24 million) and Hong Kong (pop 7 million) these two cities alone have first world status which means many people have money to spend.

One of the most important things when selling a gaming console is to have content that is attractive to consumers and in that area Sony and Nintendo excel. This is not to say that Microsoft can't do well however you also have to remember that the Chinese Government does have strict control over what they want their people to see, hear and now play. That alone makes selling a console and it's software very difficult.

Correct me if I am wrong but from what I can gather the Chinese XB1 will be strictly region locked whereas the PS4 when it is eventually sold there will not be (maybe). If this is the case the PS4 will dominate if not it's anyone's guess.

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Genuine-User1504d ago

I'm glad China has opened the doors for Sony and Microsoft to sell their consoles.
I don't think the numbers are that good for either company considering China is a country of 1.3+ billion people.

Concertoine1504d ago

I cant imagine much of China has disposable income.

AD7051504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

"The console has already established a manufacturing distributor in BesTV and the console has a retail chain partner in China Telecommunications Corporation. Microsoft is planning on 100,000 consoles in the region within the first quarter of its availability. Depending on how sales go they're likely to ramp that number up."

100,000 xbox one units is what they are shipping within it's first year. If they actually sold 100k on the first day than they sold out of stock in china and you can still go out and buy an xbox one in other words it did not sell 100k in one day.

600 bucks for a console with 10 games and any other future release for any other game is gonna have to go through a strict process and be lucky to be approved for the chinese gaming market. You think shit loads of people will buy a platform with only 10 games at launch? Everyone in china is probably gonna sell of their X1 a month later.

KiwiViper851504d ago

I paid $1000 for a console at launch with 2 games... so yep.

callahan091504d ago

Honestly that's a lot more than I would have guessed.

IrishSt0ner1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Guys the info is all out there, can't believe people honestly think it's 100k shipped.

The Chinese Goverment approved 5 million units to be sold in their region. There were 16k preorders announced for a single retailer, it's pretty clear they mean 100k sold and not shipped.

I still think the appoved number is way too optimisitic, unless it's some kind of overall limit.

IrishSt0ner1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Going by these sources there's only 100k available for the first quarter, that's confusing as hell. Why only 100k consoles for 3 months when a single retailer had 16k of preorders, makes no sense... someone is messing up their figures/information.

MRMagoo1231504d ago

Yes the retailer that had 16k pre orders probably. It's been known for a while MS was sending in 100k , I even mentioned it a week or so 100k is shipped I would guess, 100k still wouldn't be a lot of sales on a country with more ppl in than uk and usa combined.

Magicite1504d ago

100k units managed to reach China, no additional information have been disclosed.

Eddie201011504d ago

If it shipped it isn't that impressive at all, especially considering they have been deprived of consoles for 14 years and the size (population) of the country. If they sold through that amount it is a different story.

Eddie201011504d ago

Big difference between shipped and sold, if they are not sold to customers then they are just sitting on shelves, guess what else they are not selling, video games, they are also not selling Xbox live memberships.
They are not making any money on them, we all know the profit margin on the console isn't that high.

The whole purpose of making consumer goods is to sell them to consumers.

Being the first to market in a country that has a huge black market for consoles maybe isn't that big of a deal.

If you need flash cards to understand that, I'll see what I can do.

NextGen24Gamer1504d ago

What does it matter if it's sold to retail or sold to consumer? Retailers order what they feel will sell thru.

Selling 100k day one is huge and bigger news than it sounds. China consumers, unlike Japanese consumers, typically love all things American. With the xbox one being the only console in China, expect word of mouth and the "new" hot product to sell like hotcakes in a country with a population over a billion people.

Being 1st to market is always big, but being 1st to a NEW market is huge. You then build a FANBASE that will grow.

Sony to this day still rides the popularity of being 1st in many countries outside of the USA. Nintendo lost its way in large part due to lack of 3rd party support & blu ray drive.

Gamer19821504d ago

100K in a population of 1.35 billion? might be day 1 sales but after day one sales plummet to 1/10. Lets compare that to other places.. On launch worldwide it sold 1 million to LESS people (USA and Europe there is under a billion people however it didn't launch in all European countries). In Japan a population of 127 million it sold 23k consoles.

So to contrast Japan to China where people agree Xbox is failing... Japan has a 1/10 of the population yet sold 1/5 of the consoles compared to China day 1. Meaning only half as many percentage wise per head in the country bought an xbox in China.

So 100k looks like a decent figure when you realise the population is 1.3 BILLION (4 TIMES the size of the US) that figure is TINY.

All_Consoles1504d ago

You have no clue about the economic situation in China not to mention this is the first console to be released after many years of bans from the government

SilentNegotiator1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

If it's not specifically stated "sold", 99% of the time that means it's shipped. We'll have to see some sold numbers before we get any idea of how popular it is.

They "shifted" ~30K Xbones on day one in Japan, but they sure didn't sell them all on day one.

Ozmoses1503d ago

You mean how many xbox one's were smuggled into North Korea...

I mean they need something to eat.. I'm sure an Xbox One is loaded with nutrition.

Angeljuice1503d ago

"With their population, they could eventually become a contender to the US as the main market."

With their population they could be bigger than North America and Europe combined.

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GarrusVakarian1504d ago

Damn, China were thirsty for consoles.

-Foxtrot1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

That's what it boils down to at the end of the day

You could officially launch the Dreamcast here and it would sell a shit ton

XB1_PS41504d ago

To be fair, the Dreamcast is incredible.

Webbyy1504d ago Show
-Foxtrot1504d ago Show
Webbyy1504d ago Show
-Foxtrot1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


Seeing a console already selling well, sell well in another country.

I'd probably wouldn't say the same thing to be honest, actually I wouldn't say anything I'd just see it as normal with how well Sony is doing at the moment and I wouldn't think nothing of I said I probably wouldn't say anything.

But yeah...bring the PS4 into this article, if I or anyone else did that you would of most likely said something.


Hmmmm that's strange I never knew Japan and the UK had a console ban for 14 years?

Death1504d ago


It's not only insulting, but ignorant to say that the Dreamcast which is 15 years old would sell the same in China if it were released instead of the Xbox One. You are talking aboout China like they are a third world country instead of looking at them as a rapidly growing economic powerhouse. Yes, poverty does still affect some of the population just like it does in every nation, but there are many that are doing extremely well also. To say they would jump at a Dreamcast is rediculous.

Gaming has been available the past 14 years, just not in an official capacity. Honestly, sometimes the best thing you can say at times is nothing at all.

mhunterjr1504d ago

That's not what it 'boils down to'. It boils down to the Xbox one being a pretty damn good product, and 100k people in China were compelled to purchase it.

What can't you give credit when it due?

lsujester1504d ago

Foxtrot was just going for a funny comment about the lack of consoles in China, you guys took that off the deep end.

-Foxtrot1504d ago


I was going to reply but then I saw lsujesters comment.

He nails all took it the wrong way

I wasn't saying China was a third world country or being nasty I was just poking fun at the lack of consoles for so long that even an OLD GEN console which died off would sell a shit load over there because they haven't had an official console in so long.

Good lord...this site.

ThePope1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


I don't really care about this convo but one comment you made needs to be disparaged.

"Seeing a console already selling well, sell well in another country.I'd probably wouldn't say the same thing to be honest, actually I wouldn't say anything I'd just see it as normal with how well Sony is doing at the moment and I wouldn't think nothing of I said I probably wouldn't say anything."

The X1 is selling well. Just because its not selling as well as the PS4 doesn't mean its not selling well. MS makes money on every console sold as well as having a great game line up that's going to be hitting month after month sales will continue to grow. Plain and simple.

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donthate1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Both Xbox One and PS4 are commonly available in China on the "grey" market and so was the Xbox 360 and PS3. A lot of these consoles make their way to China from Hong Kong, which has no console ban.

If people were that thirsty, they could get it easily.

Either way, if the thirst is there it was filled by MS just like how Sony benefitted from releasing earlier in 3-4 times the region as MS at launch, and continuing to enjoy that in many regions.

doolin_dalton1504d ago


I'm an Xbox (and Sega) fan, and I see nothing malicious about your comment.

To me, I read your comment as a commentary about how there have been few game consoles in China, and they're just thirsty for good games - ANY games.

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GameDev11504d ago

Still we are not sure if it is sold through or shipped

But after such a long time sticking with illegal or imported ps3's and xbox 360s, am sure they will be excited.

Pogmathoin1504d ago

Got to laugh at this.... Lukas, you said nothing that could possibly offend either camp, Fox, you got sucked into an pointless argument. When is the BS going to end? Neither MS or Sony deserve this... as long as they both give us something that takes us away from this world for a few hours everyday, who gives a f#$K??! Just enjoy the games, hope they both prosper so that our entertainment continues!

FanboyKilla1504d ago ShowReplies(1)
Patrick_pk441504d ago

It's a minority. The majority of China are PC gamers and always will be. I find 100K is really low for any console after an unban.

NextGen24Gamer1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

You find 100k really low, but yet it's the 3rd best launch for the Xbox One after the UK. And before you bash xbox one sales, the xbox one is Microsofts fastest selling console to date. It's selling better than the orginal xbox & the xbox 360. Its a launch. It's a new console. I believe their goal of selling 1 million is low ball figure. It will likely sell more than that.

Chevalier1504d ago

"That's not what it 'boils down to'. It boils down to the Xbox one being a pretty damn good product, and 100k people in China were compelled to purchase it.

What can't you give credit when it due? "

So you'll sing praises and give credit due without actually confirming any actual figures? Didn't we hear the same thing about how quickly Xbones were selling on preorders in Japan? Yeah remember how that actually turned out? You might want to temper your enthusiasm and calling out people BEFORE numbers are confirmed otherwise you may end up looking like an idiot.

Also just because in your opinion Xbone is a 'damn good product' doesn't mean that everyone outside the U.S. agrees with you.

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Kayant1504d ago

If sold through that would be the third best launch for XB1 after the UK.

snookiegamer1504d ago

Totally ........good week for Xbox One! Congrats MS ;)