WWE 2K15 MyCareer Mode Detailed: Work Up From Developmental To Wrestlemania

2K Games has detailed the highly-anticipated career mode of forthcoming grapple-em-up WWE 2K15.

MyCareer mode will be based on the existing, celebrated career mode of 2K's NBA franchise. 2K has used a lot of its NBA series' development techniques in the new WWE game following 2K's acquisition of the license from THQ last year.

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Rampaged Death1480d ago

Finally a career mode that sounds interesting.

Kane221480d ago

i just hope it doesn't end at wrestlemania.

1480d ago
jrshankill1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I Bo-Lieve! Looking forward to this game.

Also, it is awesome that branching storylines are returning. This is what WWE fans have been asking for, for years. Shame that last gen owners won't be able to enjoy this mode.

ShadowKing-1480d ago

i was sad to hear that the release day was pushed but, if the extra allows them to polish career mode from what they are saying then i dont mind the wait, i was never really big with universe mode, but im liking my career mode.