Destiny Expansion Content Controversy

Clipping Error discusses the recent issues surrounding Bungie and their latest game Destiny. Recently players have been able to view content supposedly only available for those with the Expansion packs, set to release later this year. This suggests the content already exists on the game disc, but Bungie insist it doesn't.

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Qwagy UK1480d ago

Expansion content should be free for Destiny.

user95970821480d ago

Why? There's plenty of play value there already? I've already gotten my money's worth out of it. I've been more inclined to clock hours into destiny than several other full retail games.

linkenski1480d ago

Not when it isn't actually developed yet. I think this controversy arose because most people don't realize that for all games DLCs are planned out already at the time of release. At least the first couple of DLCs. Bioware does the same with Mass Effect for example but because the support was so great they eventually developed entirely new content as well, and that's another story of course.

Destiny's DLC content is only partially on-disc and some of it actually isn't. The glitch just makes us see some of the content while in posibility the DLC will unlock entirely new planets or areas that haven't been seen on the on-disc content yet.

lsujester1480d ago

There is a point most people overlook. They see names on a map and automatically assume all the content is there, when it could just as likely be that put the titles in without actually making the mission yet. If you have a plan for extra strikes and such, it makes sense to plan it out and put sections on the map where it will go.

If I were making a map, I'd want to know what will be coming in the future so I'd have the proper spacing and design. I'd go so far as to make a version with the mission name already there so save having to redo things later.

mad at me1480d ago

Dlc should be free and specialized collectibles should be paid...that practice is what I will support..hey bro I got a specialized weapon that unlocked paid dlc because I accomplished something in the game, this way is like having something not every ond will have, like a collectable...The fact people support these practices of paid "content" at the sacrifice of a game is why we loose...we are the power of the people and if the mass say OK and support these practices then we loose, but if we turn things around as a whole we will change the game...i will buy almost everything but till this day I have not purchased dlc on principles alone

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SliceOfTruth8881480d ago

ahh i love how people make assumptions and then when their assumptions wrong they never retract and caused a majority of the community to think said assumption is still true.....GAMING JOURNALISM!!!

KwietStorm1480d ago

Exactly. It's only controversy because "we" have made it controversy.

Gamerbeyond1480d ago

if you think activision is going to give away free expansions or DLC you must be new to the gaming industry and world.

Infinity_Rasta1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

hmm it's like everybody is completely blind to what bungie is trying to do with destiny, It's probably freaking game updates like the vault of glass, it would be a shitty next-gen mmo if they did't release new raids and what not in between the expansions packs. so i say wait and f***ing see before you judge a ten year project from one of the most respected developers. ( yeah I know they teamed up with activision, but come on, everybody is not evil)(and of cause if it's true that it is dlc on disc, they will burn and crash )

UnHoly_One1480d ago

For all we know, one of these "locked off" locations could open up for some sort of special event in a week or two.

There is quite literally no way to know for sure at this point.

If they completed the entire game, then locked off segments just to sell as DLC, then yes, that is bad. But how about we wait and see what happens before we jump the gun?

DarthJay1480d ago

It's funny that the article says they were told that there was no hidden content on the disc, yet people are glitching into secret areas:

itisallaboutps1480d ago

People are getting banned for glitching into this secret area??? Why? Its not hurting any of the players.

If anything. Sounds like bungie trying to hide the on disc dlc

Taero1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Just saying, but I would expect them to have at least designed/implemented the new overworld areas when they were designing the planets map before release, it just makes sense efficiency wise. The other option would be to leave a...blank area I guess? As a placeholder, I expected them to have areas that you can't get to already in it.

For example though I feel that the 'Queens Area' in the Tower is empty, devoid of life, and pretty totally boring, it was there from the start waiting to be opened.

The other option would be to not design the areas and then patch them in as kind of a cut/paste job. Now, if there are totally finished areas with content, mobs, loot, missions etc. that they're going to sell us come December and they WERE on the disc waiting for the unlock then yeah that's a crappy move on Bungies part. Otherwise if it's like the Queens Event when they unlock it/lock it for free as an event then complaints are invalid.

Also what's stopping them from having made multiple maps and put them in the original disc as I'm sure they already have a development map for the next dlcs as they've announced them and then switching them in and out as needed.

What I think happened is the next destination map is already in there and from whatever bug it got brought up with this player, sure it tells you all these new areas and which ones need the expansion but that doesn't prove that they're ALSO on the disc.

Look at WoW, they often do a pre-load of data so that they're not slammed on release date so people mine it and come up with what's coming out, but it's not available until it's unlocked.

Anyway that could have been shorter I guess...also obligatory 'man that story was bland' comment. *Hopes the conspiracy theory is real, realizes it's probably not, then hopes that Bungie will see it and make it real as an ass cover'.

BattleTorn1480d ago

I'm addicted to Destiny.

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