Far Cry 4 Interview (Strategy Informer)

From "I have a lot of love for the Far Cry series. Crytek's genre-widening original Far Cry, the long-overdue Ubisoft-own Far Cry 2 that was flawed but I still massively enjoyed, the vastly better Far Cry 3 which was my favourite game of 2012, and who could forget Blood Dragon? All the entries on PC I've loved (f*** Instincts), so to say I'm excited about the fourth numbered entry coming in November is an understatement, like saying Vaas is a little crazy or Jack Carver isn't really dressed for stealth. Therefore I was very happy to sit down with Far Cry 4's Senior Level Designer to talk about badgers, verticality, fire, and suspicious best friends. Let's get going. ".

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josephayal1480d ago

Far Cry 2 that was flawed? I Don't understand all the hate about this game