Dyack: Industry "In Crisis" for Originality

The head honcho of Too Human developer Silicon Knights says originality is being crushed under the weight of development costs, but he's faithful that over-sequelization will begin to fade away in the years ahead.

Image "What's happening is that budgets are going up, and people are getting more conservative," Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack told Next-Gen in a phone interview Thursday.

"...I have to say, the amount of originality seems to be diminishing even though the need for a lot of new IP is becoming more pronounced."

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Silogon3957d ago

Couldn't agree more but I can't help but feel this is directed at Sony. Just saying with their homo wiimote knock off coming and singstar pushes and all.

flambeau3957d ago

Microsoft also has a homo wiimote ripoff.

PSMonster213957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

And M$ is making a game called Lips. Way to interpret the article the wrong way.

spacetoilet3957d ago

At least we PS3 owners will be getting Little Big Planet and Home.
There is still originality on the Sony side....F*ck all on the M$ side, never was.

dude_uk3957d ago

i couldn't agree more....

since the wii hit.. the industry has been looking at a way to get back at the wii...
and haven't focused on the most important things...


cooke153957d ago

what do you mean get back at the wii?

if anything Wii has sparked some creativity.

Lost Winds
No More Heroes
Zack and Wiki
Boom Blox
Blast Works
King Story

BrotherNick3957d ago

I'd say the wii has done more for originality in ages. Still fighting aliens, robots and wars in the other consoles. Not that I don't mind playing them sometimes, but it's nice to have variety in your life.

dude_uk3957d ago

exactly i completely agree with brother nick...
like it or not... the wii has brought out more originality than other consoles have done in ages...

and the industry has been looking at a way to get back at the wii..

look at all the rumors about the new controlers...