The secret weapons of Metal Gear Solid 4

Joystiq writes: "This video doesn't spoil anything story-wise, but it does show some of the weapons you can unlock in Metal Gear Solid 4. If that's going to bother you, don't press play. Otherwise, feel free to check out some of the incredible guns (which may or may not belong to The Patriots). We can't figure out if any of these would benefit or hurt our ability to sneak -- we'd probably just lose interest and jump in, guns blazing."

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JoelR3772d ago

now I really need the tanegashima

the patriot and the solar gun are cool but the tane is the coolest...

c64days3772d ago

I've finished the game twice, and i'm in the middile in the third time. i unlocked non of those wepons.

picker3323771d ago

I guess it depends wich grade & time,i'm playing on the hardest grade(don't remember the name)I think it was boss extreme or something.

But it's hard as hell!

JoelR3771d ago

Tanegashima you can buy some from Drebin (1,000,000!!!)

(Rest of this is spoiler so if you don't want to know don't read it)

Successfully complete the game with a "Big Boss" rank to unlock the Patriot sub-machine gun, which has infinite ammunition.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Race Gun pistol.

Solar Gun: Collect the five statues (the four Battle Beauties and Frog Soldier/Haven Troopers) with non-lethal means on their respective idols.
(Statue locations
The statues required to unlock the Solar Gun can be found at the following locations:

Frog: In Act 1: Middle East, Advent Palace garage, atop the Nomad vehicle.
Octopus: In Act 2: South America, in the Research Lab Boss room, upper right room.
Raven: In Act 3: Europe, on the top floor of the human phase of the Boss fight.
Wolf: In Act 4: Shadow Moses, behind Snake's starting spot in the human phase of the Boss fight.
Mantis: In Act 5: Outer Heaven, near the northern-most door during the human phase of the fight. )