Xbox One Is Struggling in South Korea

Brian Ashcraft - While the Xbox One is actually drawing lines in China, a report out of Korea says the console is, so far, having a rough go in the region.

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Automatic791571d ago

Another click bait article by kotaku.

Webbyy1571d ago

lol less than 200 for x1? It say ps4 sold alil bit over 400..damn

I guess people over there are not big on consoles.

NewMonday1570d ago

Kingdom Under fire is a big franchise in S.Korea and console exclusive to the PS4, F2P MMOs are popular over there and PS4 has plenty

HappyWithOneBubble1570d ago

South Korea just don't waste their time playing video games. They are ranked #2 has smartest countries in the world. They too busy getting smart. USA is lacking so bad we at #19.

qwerty6761570d ago


actually star craft is dying over there, LOL has taken over,

and things like hearthstone are gaining steam

guitarded771570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )


You must have missed all of the articles about South Koreans dying due to game bindging. The epidemic is so serious that they have ad campaigns to tell people not to game too long.

Here's a link to one example.

BX811570d ago

I was stationed in korea twice and I only saw one katusa with a console. A ps1 back in 2004. The only game he had was a soccer game. They are bigger on pc and actual arcades. Dont know how it is now but I dont imagine too much of a change.

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2cents1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I'm pretty sure they have a clipboard saved with these titles that they just copy paste.

Xbox One is Struggling...

Xbox One Fails...

Xbox One Woes...

Xbox One Worries...

Xbox One in Trouble...

Xbox One Suffers...

Well, I'm enjoying the struggle along with MS, man it's so hard playing all these games. So much entertainment and experiences, friends to play online with, Veyrons to drive, space marines to kill, zombies to slay... it's such a struggle...

Edit: Typo.

Automatic791570d ago

Exactly 2cents you read my mind. I have loved Xbox since day one and I believe that in due time the naysayers will also. This goes for all consoles. Let's support games and not the hate.

MetroidFREAK211570d ago

I am enjoying my Xbox One as well, it's a great system. Have had it for nearly a year, and I see many more ahead with my Xbox One

mikeslemonade1570d ago

My explanation is people got bad taste in games.

nX1570d ago

If not wanting a X1 is considered bad taste I'm happy to be guilty of that.

TXIDarkAvenger1570d ago

Xbox One only for best Korea.

poor_cus_of_games1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

"While the xbox one is currently drawing lines in china" well of course it is. It's the first console released there in 14 years. Also the only console. It's not hard to sell if you have no competition.
@below I'm referring to the general public and casual gamers.

slasaru011570d ago

But but but people were saying that you easily could buy an imported console and everyone that wanted to buy already bought it, eh?

Adrian_v011570d ago

Just because it wasn't legally sold there doesn't mean you couldn't get one -.-

Weed is illegal in my country, still 90% of the people I know smoke it.

AutoCad1570d ago

well you know this was coming after the japanese article lol..

Media these days so biased its not even funny

thaimasker1570d ago

You mean after the chinsese article right? because its bombing pretty bad in Japan as well.

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