‘Assassin’s Creed – Identity’ is an Action RPG for iOS, Arriving 2015

The first of its kind for the Assassin’s Creed franchise is an action RPG exclusively for mobile. Assassin’s Creed – Identity is built on Unity, bringing succinct game sessions based in famous locations of the Italian Renaissance.

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Sketchy_Galore1482d ago

Phew, we had gone a few hours without a new Assassin's Creed game reveal. I was getting a little worried there.

FullmetalRoyale1482d ago

Right? Like, what are their dozens of studios doing if they aren't announcing new AC games??

Blackleg-sanji1482d ago

Wtf this is like the fourth game this year!! Stop!!
Assassin creed unity
Assassin creed rouge
Assasssin creed identity
And that Japan dlc my god ubisoft.

AidenPearce1482d ago

The Japan game and Identity are both coming out next year.

Blackleg-sanji1481d ago

Thats still bad that means 3 ac game will be released next yr

Spikeantestor1482d ago

It almost seems like Uni soft is seeing just how far they can push all this before it's an issue. Like there's some guy running accounting who's, in 2 months, gonna tell the higher ups that the critical mass number, the number that causes people to freak out and not care anymore, is X and that will lead to next year's list of games being one less than X.

Tex1171481d ago

They are going for full market saturation. My goodness.

Oh, and the best Assassins Creed game came out today. Shadow of Mordor is everything AC wanted to be, but could not quite figure it out. (Minus the fancy historical locations).

Kumomeme1481d ago

i wish ubisoft could spend more effort for the title name which is too commonly obvious