Battlefield 4 - Game & Server Update September 30th Detailed

DICE has revealed the changelog for today’s Battlefield 4 update.

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daBUSHwhaka1480d ago

It really is a lovely,long list of so-called improvements but the real question is will they work and what else will they break.Will we ever see Brokenfield 4 played and enjoyed the way it was Intended.Very slim chance,even a year on.

dcj05241479d ago

It's been playing fine since around June for me. Hit detection was the big problem but it's a lot better now.

swishersweets200311479d ago

Getting stuck on 2 inch ledges happens more often now. The flir/IRNV scope has a brightness bug on paracel, rouge, dawn, goldman. Sometimes it has no effect, just a red dot. The slams and mines sometimes disappear into the terrain now. Hit detection is still garbage. Getting shot around cover. Frame drop issues are still there. Nothing changed in this patch except a bunch of unwanted nerfs, and a bunch of slider options so you can clean up the screen. more of a bunch of whoopie doo, patch didn't address anything that was important.

sAVAge_bEaST1479d ago

Only about a Year later,, the game start's to work.. LoL

-Never Again. EA-

blink30201479d ago

On PC the game is working just fine.

GearSkiN1479d ago

Very disappointed, damn beta game... Is not even a fan f2p and the game still can't get fix

ATi_Elite1479d ago

So BF5 will really be bf4 but bug free and completely playable

mattomondo1479d ago

I was hoping that's what BF4 would be compared to BF3. They seem to improve a few things while taking huge steps backwards for others.

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The story is too old to be commented.