Editorial: Capcom's Other Fighting Games

Yeah, yeah, yeah, people have all played Street Fighter and already know all the characters -Ryu, Ken, green monster with electricity, Russian who bites people, Indian Stretch Armstrong-but Capcom actually has a whole roster of other awesome fighting franchises that you may or may not have ever heard of before. With the upcoming Street Fighter IV coming out in the next few months or so, why not take a look back at these other games that have no chance in hell of ever getting a sequel?

Maybe you'll find a diamond in the rough in this list here. Or maybe just more reasons to laugh at that crazy, crazy company Capcom. Either way, this list compiles games you'll probably never see again unless you find them on eBay or Enjoy.

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BlackIceJoe3867d ago

I would love to see Capcom make a new Power Stone for the PS3 & 360. Plus a new Darkstalkers would be great too.

treereet3866d ago

Where is my Power Stone 3! Make it happen Capcom.