NBA 2K15 Player Ratings by Position (Highest to Lowest)

NBA 2K15 hits stores on October 7. If you're dying to know how 2K Sports ranked your favorite players for the upcoming game, check out the full player ratings list below. We have grouped them by position, with the players sorted from highest overall to lowest to make it easier to browse through.


• NBA 2K15 Player Ratings Arranged By Team:

• NBA 2K15 Player Ratings Grouped By Position:

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NBA2KUpdates1480d ago

Which players do you think are overrated or underrated in NBA 2K15?

rhcpfan1480d ago

Overrated: Deron Williams, Dwayne Wade, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose and Tim Duncan

Both Chris Bosh and Goran Dragic are slightly underrated.

N3SSo51480d ago

How in the world is Wade overrated??? Kobe is waaaay overrated Wade is underrated. Kobe is not the same he's not athletic and his shooting lefts questions sometimes.

NBA2KUpdates1479d ago

Here's my list:

90 - Tim Duncan
89 - Kobe Bryant
77 - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
77 - Tim Hardaway Jr
74 - Jason Terry

80 - Isaiah Thomas
76 - Nate Robinson
75 - Anderson Varejao
71 - DeJuan Blair
70 - Will Bynum
70 - Tyler Zeller

I don't think Dwyane Wade is overrated based on the new rating system.

N3SSo51476d ago

Maan have u seen Wade's stats??? last year was his best FG% every year he's been shooting better he still athletic he just doesnt show it dunking and playing around he's not the same but he's improving his touch, Kobe last year FG% was the second worst of his career and he's not even athletic anymore + he doesn't play defense as hard as before, how in the world is he an 89 player and u still think Wade's rating is ok where it is at 86 pleease i hope 2K can fix that, and also lebrons 3 pointers and free throws in 2K he's better than Curry shooting from 3.