Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor - Ultra Versus High Textures Comparison

DSOGaming writes: "As we can see, the differences are minimal – to say the least – and at this point we have to wonder what exactly is consuming this amount of VRAM, especially when The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter presented higher quality textures with way less VRAM requirements."

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Neixus1481d ago

Took this straight from neoGAF?
I'm pretty sure the ultra texture pack doesn't replace -all- the textures.

ThunderPulse1481d ago

Why release an "ultra" texture pack if its not all the textures?

Korix1481d ago

To get better visuals?

ninjahunter1480d ago

The simple answer is that the requirements would be too high. If they HD'ed every texture, the vram requirement would probably exceed 8GB, which very few computers possess. (The game with ultra textures at 1080p currently requires 6gb vram).

ThunderPulse1479d ago

I have 16GB of VRAM what am I going to do with all my VRAM now?

CernaML1481d ago

Why are there no articles about the game being capped at 30fps on consoles despite the many articles "confirming" 60fps.?

Darkwatchman1481d ago

Wasn't the ps4 version uncapped 60 with the Xbox one version rumored to be 30fps?

CernaML1481d ago

Exactly. Thats what we were all mislead to believe right?
Well its capped at 30fps on the PS4.

darthv721481d ago

Cerna...why not just look at it as the game running no less than 30?

30 is not a bad thing and its not a racing game where speed is of the utmost importance.

Unspoken1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Because 60 fps is buttery smooth and the PS4 can't do it? Everyone wants 60 fps until the PS4 is unable to perform, then 30 fps is OK. Give me a break.

40-55 fps is a terrible range to be in.

Stsonic1481d ago

What? I ordered on ps4 as I heard 60fps?

Nekroo911481d ago

it is...unlocked at 60fps 1080p resolution.

while the x1 is rumored to be locked at 30fps and lower resolution

CernaML1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Nope. Booted it up and instantly noticed its capped at 30fps on the PS4.


I was on the fence about it. It pushed me to make the purchase after the reviews it got.

Are you also going to criticize me when I complain that my ravioli was frozen despite the menu calling them fresh?

Software_Lover1481d ago

You ordered a game because you heard it was 60fps?

Onehandband1t1481d ago

Unlocking the framerate on ps4 may give you 60fps, but I would not get your hopes up it will be solid. I can guarantee the fps will fluctuate alot. Some people may be able to put up with it but others may just lock it to 30 for a better overall experience.

Stsonic1481d ago

I ordered the game on ps4 instead of PC as I heard it was 60fps. I was always going to get it.

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PeaSFor1481d ago

the Fack are you talking about? was playing the ps4 version 10min agon and its CLEARLY not capped at 30fps, dont be ridiculous with your bullshit.

CernaML1481d ago

I would like to know what magical copy you got your hands on.

DF's analysis is going to make you look pretty darn silly.

Im not the only one who noticed. I looked on Google to see if any body else complained and sure enough, they did.

PeaSFor1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

the game is EASILY running between 40-55fps ALL THE TIME, look like you need to run to an optometrist asap.

btw the devs never said the ps4 version would be capped at 60fps, technically it does reach 60fps at times, but it's just a sneaky way of saying "unlocked 60fps". Expect it to run like Infamous Second Son. AND BLATANTLY NOT CAPPED AT 30fps.

"DF's analysis is going to make you look pretty darn silly." oh you can count on me to rub it in your face if the game is playing between 30-60fps, perpare yourself to eat your short son.(if the ps4 version go over 31fps, ...i will bring you a nice plate and a fork for your short eating session)

darthv721481d ago

It is rather odd to base the purchase of a game on the frames per second.

As for him anything below a good steady 60fps is what he is complaining about. it does not matter if it runs at 31fps or 45 or 52 because he was lead to believe that it would be akin to the PC version which is capable of sustaining that rate.

Rather than using a fluctuating rate, they should have just locked it down at a comfortable 30 so that way it plays the same throughout. Or at least add in the option of running it locked or unlocked like some PC games do with vsync on or off in the settings.

Skate-AK1480d ago

Bookmarking this so I can see CernaML damage control.

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OsirisBlack1481d ago

Sound like lies to me. why would you do that?

CernaML1481d ago

Those articles are what pushed me to purchase it on PS4. Im not even a fan of the LOTR. Believe me when I say Im pretty pissed off about it.

Dont get me wrong, Im fine with 30fps but dont go telling me youre offering something better when youre not. Dont pull the wool over my eyes.

fr0sty1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

lol, go away troll, you are beyond ridiculous. You claim you bought a game that you don't even like because of its framerate. GTFO

Someone's going to look stupid when DF analyzes this, and shows it clearly is not capped.

MasterCornholio1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Why dont you post a link?

The only mention of 30FPS was for the Xbox One version that I can find.

Mind helping me out with a link?

"Im not the only one who noticed."

Wait are you saying that you played the PS4 and can tell with only your eyes that its 30FPS?

It doesn't sound like you would be a reliable source for this information if you didn't do any tests to confirm your theory.

Or are you saying that you have the option to lock the framerate at 30FPS like TLOU, Infamous and Killzone?

TardcoreGamer1481d ago

Console gamers whining about their 30fps game need to go and b$$$h about it on another thread.

This is an article on PC texture settings NOT console framerates.

Aleithian1480d ago

I agree, and I'm a console gamer.

Fishy Fingers1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

What does any of this have to do with the PC texture pack?

There will be plenty of console centric threads/articles.

DC7771480d ago

Because they are FOS about this game. It looks like garbage. I don't know what the secret agenda is to push this game is by so many "journalists" but it's quite hilarious because it looks like crap.

GundalfDeGrej1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I don't think it's a locked 30 however I do think it's more accurate to say the game runs at 30+ fps instead of 60 fps uncapped. I saw the thread/video on GAF and the game seems to be running closer to 30 than 60. Now waiting for a proper analysis.

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trywizardo1481d ago

looks the same to me ...

Fishy Fingers1481d ago

Knew at the original announcement they'd require 6GB of VRAM they'd end up being a minimal improvement for OTT resource requirement.

If you're looking to improve over the standard 'high' settings you're probably better off waiting on the modding community.

Still, texture pack aside, it's a good looking game/pc build.

SteamPowered1481d ago

Very good point. Im willing to wait for the mods myself. The differences referenced are minimal at best.

LightofDarkness1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I knew it as well, this is just like Wolfenstein: TNO and its uncompressed textures. It's only the same in game textures minus compression, and they weren't all super detailed to begin with. You're essentially upping the resource requirements for no perceptible gain. Although I also figured there might be some visible difference at 4k; these textures are barely holding up at 1080p.

starchild1480d ago

Well said. I suspected that too.

user56695101480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

huh the game looks fun but i fail to see what looks impressive about this game besides the character models. the game looks average and the pics the post points this out even more. you better off waitig foe mods to make this game look better or at least match the amount of exaggeration people are giving to these gfx

MRMagoo1231480d ago

The game is fun as heck if you like assassins creed/batman type games , the branding and being able to influence the orc army is loads of fun too and I don't like anything that involves lord of the rings , hate the movies and hate most of the games but this one is great fun.

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Eamon1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

6GB VRAM is a joke when you take a look at the "improvements." There's only a small difference and isn't easily noticeable.

It's clear the ultra textures were the last thing on the developer's schedule as they had no time to optimize it with hardware.

Like Fishy said above, wait till modders do the work the developer should have done.

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