Will the Wii U Virtual Console Ever Match the Wii's?

gamrReview's Stephen C Barrett: "Nintendo’s Wii U online store, the eShop, is home to current releases, indie titles, and classic games of yesteryear. The store is updated with new entries weekly, but when it comes to the state of the Wii U Virtual Console specifically, the quantity and variety is sorely lacking for a system that has been on the market for almost two years now, particularly when compared to the content that its older sibling, the Wii, offered in the same timeframe...

Let’s just hope that Nintendo is intent on the Wii U Virtual Console matching, nay, exceeding the sheer quantity of wonderful retro content available on its predecessor, which was one of the system's most underrated features."

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XXXL1570d ago

I hope so but at this rate I'm not counting on it

DragoonsScaleLegends1570d ago

I don't want it to match it I want it to exceed it!

Moonman1570d ago

Gamecube games please!! :)

Metallox1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

GameCube games and the victory is for Wii U.

smoothdude1570d ago

It is shocking how small the Virtual Console library is for Wii U. Come on Nintendo, how hard can it be to release the Wii library for Wii U?

RosweeSon1570d ago

It's not really when you compare it to the drip slow speed of the original Wii's virtual console sure the wii U could do with speeding things up a little but at least we normally get a bare minimum of one new game a week, on 3DS I'm just really hoping they finish the original Gameboy games up soon motocross maniacs please and then metal gear and resident evil for the gameboy colours and a few others then needs to start nailing out the gameboy advance games and start on the DS sure they'll be ok on wii U but come on da games and GBA games on 3DS and gamecube games for Wii u but yeah don't want all the games in one go but they could do 2-3 a week surely also they could do with making the games available on the 2 consoles the same nothing worse than hearing your favourite old school game is coming out only to find out its on the wii u and not 3DS yet but yeah they'll get there, plenty to get through and I suppose they have to stagger them to some extent as let's face it once theyve ported it theyve ported It there's not an unlimited amount of virtual console gsmes at the end of the day but yeah they should try and catch up and give us a load for Christmas then if they need to drip feed it for a month or so in the new year. Seriously tho SNES games on the 3DS please, I really wanna play super mario world on my 3DS been far too long ;)

eworthington01570d ago

Dude. I dont think I saw one period.
That was just one long run-on sentence haha!
But yeah, snes on 3ds is something ive been in need of.
They will poop out more for us next year.

Geekman1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

The 3DS has over 3 years worth of triple AAA support.

The Wii U has nothing but First Party Games.

Perhaps you should reconsider complaining about the 3DS's virtual console support when the Wii U has fallen short on both triple AAA and VC and the 3DS has over 3 years worth of other options.

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The story is too old to be commented.