Destiny: Fan Suggests UI Quality Of Life Improvements

"These improvements, if implemented, would eliminate some of the drearier routines to get you back into the game sooner."

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fonduktoe1480d ago

I like some of these suggestions. I would add that they need to show your faction and crucible rank and progress on the character screen. Huge oversight IMO.

porkChop1480d ago

The game is great but it's literally FILLED with questionable design choices.

- In the UI, the analog sticks act like mouse cursors
- No bar at bottom of screen to show when you get your next mote of light
- Faction and Crucible rank/progress not shown on character screen
- No icon/text next to players name to identify their class/sub-class
- No icon on weapon thumbnail to show what type/element of damage
- No bar underneath weapon thumbnail to show the upgrade progress

I mean the list goes on and on.

MACHone1479d ago

I can agree with you on a lot of these, however there is a Mote of Light progress bar, but it's kind of hidden. If you hover the cursor over your level in the menu (level, not light level), the pop-up box includes a progress bar. Still this would be more useful I think if it displayed on the HUD like normal exp. did.

porkChop1479d ago

Yeah I meant a progress bar that's visible during gameplay.

nX1479d ago

I have like 50 Motes of Light, I don't care about them at all. I think the most needed change is that good performance in crucible and strikes should be rewarded properly - not randomly. I finished about 10 games as the best player yesterday... 5 of those games dropped a legendary engram and all of them went to the 3rd or 4th place. It's just frustrating when people get rewarded for not contributing to the win at all...

porkChop1479d ago

Oh I absolutely agree. The loot and rewards systems in the game are completely broken and stupid. How can I consistently be on the top of a FFA and get shit for it while everyone else is getting great gear? The top 3 should be guaranteed good gear, but the number 1 player should always be getting the best of the 3.

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Perjoss1479d ago

I really like all the suggestions.

Go straight to tower when you're done with your patrol is a must! maybe even add it as an option when you complete story missions and strikes etc.

I'd love to see some kind of map added too, I like to spend a lot of time on patrol missions just messing around and exploring, and often I find it really hard remembering how to get to a certain area.

I really hope they plan in changing the current idea that you can only do certain things with people on your friends list. I dont have anyone on my friends list who plays this game and to be honest its pathetic that I have to go to a forum to find players to do stuff with (daily / weekly heroics). This is a multiplayer game after all.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

My suggestions....

-have it so you can go to orbit or go to tower instead of just orbit.
- add some type of map for when on the planet itself.
- add what above said.
- change Peter's ghost voice to Nathan Fillion's voice ( he actually is a sci fy icon and IMO is the white version of Morgan freeman he gets you to listen to everything he says on the edge of you're seat. He can sell any story and believablely funny when needed ) he's already in the game so can't see why it can't be done because Peter is horribly unbelievable and makes me want to go on a baby punching spree.
-add a general store in the tower that allows you to buy/sell items specifically crafting materials included ascended energy/shards Aswell as allowing bloom or strange coins/mote of light as payment. Maybe add a trading feature within the store.
- add a area where guardians can go to meet people that can help them with missions. Designated virtual co op lobby.
-allow guardians to trade gear that isn't for their class.
-give npc's the ability to be questioned about commonly wanted info.
-include story missions that somehow explain to us who and where are enemies are from example cobal, fallen, hive, vex, and how come we can't steal they're ship technology to travel to their Galaxy.
-make bounties patrol missions more diverse.
- add space warfare ( star citizen like ) for missions in the reef. Add tanks/space ships in matchmaking.
-add more planets possibly the andromeda Galaxy with the inclusion of the super earth planet that is 3 times bigger than earth and could could contain life. I'm sick of the Milky Way Galaxy I want to see some crazy creative feats with other galaxy's. An ice planet would be cool maybe jupiters moon Titan with its methane oily water and earth like landscape.
-access to the actual city and people us guardians are putting lives on the line for. I want motivation for protecting them for helping the traveller.
-basically give me a damn story for f sakes Bungie. So much damn potential being wasted.
-add raid matchmaking with mandatory mic support. Even though we will prob fail let us try atleast.
-fix how anti social the game feels.
-fix how predictable the events are.
-did I mention give our enemy an identity for F's sakes. We've been fighting them long enough we should know more about them by know unless the humans in destiny are clearly as stupid and useless as the seem.

Phene1479d ago

- change the entire game

Meatyboy1479d ago

I agree with a few of these points. Here's some very minor improvements I think would make it slightly better.

-No 3 second countdown when selecting destination.

-Hold triggers when in orbit to go straight to tower.

-Other people have mentioned a choice to go back tower instead of orbit from a mission which is cool.

- load sparrow by holding select button, in multiplayer (this would help flow as it feels odd wasting a few seconds for a device to get you somewhere saving time)

porkChop1479d ago

PS4 doesn't have a select button though, so that can't be done. Unless they make it so pressing start/options opens up the menu, and holding start/options spawns a sparrow.