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If most video games are the equivalent of comic books, with their Bang! Pow! action and bright, saturated colors, then Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is more like "War and Peace." Giant, involved, plodding and, yes, at times even confusing, MGS4 will surely be loved by those familiar with the epic series. For anyone late to the train, don't even try to jump on now, you'll just end up confused and bored.

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pwnsause3776d ago

wait they gave nascar 09 a B+ and MGS4 a B? WTF? other than that, this is the LA times, they dont know about games, and its obvious why

sonarus3776d ago

lol breathe deeply. Now think...what do LA times know about games...

Hububla3776d ago

Confused and bored!? I havent played MGS since the 1st one! and i only got about half way through since my rental expired! And i still say that MGS4 is the absolute best game i have ever played! the storied not that hard to pick up if you use ur brain! what a tool

WIIIS13776d ago

It is always the same ol' predictable crap from the fanboys. Not so great score for PS3, the reviewer is a fool. Great score for PS3, they finally got it right. Not so great score for 360, proves that 360 games suck. Great score for 360, conspiracy theory.

You guys are worse than a broken recorder and a whiny ol' virgin put together.

Fact is MGS4 as a game doesn't appeal to many people. I spent 3 hours playing it last night and frankly, if not for the cut-scenes, I'd not have been impressed much. The truth is I found Splinter Cell's gameplay to be much more exciting and realistic than what I've played thus far. And honestly, how much excitement can you get from crawling past guards who patrol in circles in the same way over and over again? And the loading times and frequency of them are demerits too. Great presentation and graphics put this game above the rest, but that does not appeal to everyone.

GarandShooter3775d ago

'Fact is MGS4 as a game doesn't appeal to many people'

Care to check the sales charts for your so called 'facts'

'ol' predictable crap from the fanboys'

Oh, and there are no 360 fanboys on this site responding in a similar fashion, to 360 games and reviews. Your arguments seem much more intelligent and believeable when you blast both sides for doing the same things. The way you state it, the only way you would be more visible as a fanboy is to light yourself aflame.

'For anyone late to the train, don't even try to jump on now, you'll just end up confused and bored'

Or you could download the encyclopedia and catch up on past parts of the story.

Where are all the horses' heads, I can only seem to find the other ends?

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macalatus3776d ago

Wrong, buddy!! will be the next to review it!

StrawDogZA3776d ago

Cut-screens - damn, I hate those things ;)

I'm okay with bad reviews for games I don't like, but this guy is ignorant about MGS and games in general.

juuken3776d ago

What the hell do they know about games?

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