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Dealspwn: "A cracking adventure game, possibly the best Sherlock Holmes game that Frogwares have given us thus far, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments goes a long way to making players feel like we are are Holmes rather than simply playing a game about him. There are little niggles here and there, but frankly if you enjoy your detective mystery games, it would be criminal to overlook one of the best we've had in ages."

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zeee1477d ago

I think I'm gonna get this!

stavrami-mk21477d ago

i agree when i 1st heard about this i didn't think much about it at all,but after watching a little gameplay i think i might invest .i will wait for a little price drop i think and get over xmas as there are to many games out this month for me to handle

Zichu1477d ago

Not a game I could say was on my radar, but I will probably pick this up a bit later. I'm too busy playing Destiny atm, SoM comes out on Friday, so I will also be busy playing that.