Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Low vs Ultra Quality Comparison, Confirms 6 GB VRAM Requirement

GearNuke: "Check out a comparison of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor between the low quality on PC to the Ultra quality, which also confirms the hefty 6 GB VRAM requirement."

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vishmarx3167d ago

i dont think the ultra textures are out yet

DarkLordMalik3167d ago

They are out. They can be downloaded from Steam as DLC.

Meltic3167d ago

its like 9 gb big ...

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Adexus3167d ago

Wait, I'm sure the Ultra textures look blurrier than High? Have these been mis-labeled?

MonkeyOne3167d ago

This is interesting from a console perspective.

The PS4 and Xbox One have 8 GB of ram which would lead you to believe they can start shipping games that have these kinds of textures but maybe the media and storage devices on the consoles cannot accommodate these file sizes.

I think John Carmack mentioned this at one of his QuakeCON speeches.

KING853167d ago

I believe they're referring to Vram.

MonkeyOne3166d ago

There's no difference between system ram and vram on the consoles. It's just ram.

The massive texture files still need to be delivered to the user. This cannot happen via a DVD. Maybe 2 or 3?

kevnb3166d ago

consoles wont have 6 gigs of vram free, a game with those sorts of textures will most likely be using a bunch of ram for the cpu as well.

lemoncake3167d ago

That 8gb is shared on consoles so it has to do a lot more than just the graphics, after the os takes it's chunk games only have about 5gb max on the ps4 and that still isn't all dedicated to graphics as the game needs a good amount for the other processes that make up a game.

esemce3166d ago

The consoles have 8Gb of shared ram, say for example 2gb for os, 3gb system and 3gb for video.

--bienio--3167d ago

So basically If someone like me wants run this game on Ultra Settings what graphics card need? Gtx 970 is not enough??

anticlimax3167d ago

There is currently no 970 with 6gb vram. i don't think there is a 980 with 6gb ram, there are some 780's 780ti's and Titans out there who can run it, if I'm not mistaken.

Roccetarius3167d ago

There are rumours of a 8 GB 970 / 80 version after initial release, but not much else.

--bienio--3167d ago

Yes I know that, but I don't want to buy old manufacturing graphics card witch are more expensive And less powerful ( read for gaming) or maybe It's good idea to wait for let say gtx980 ti 8gb...

SteamPowered3166d ago

You can snag a 780 with 6gb vram. Sli and beat the Titan for sheer performance.

NovusTerminus3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

A 680 is enough. But you need to have enough VRAM on the GPU.

I have a 780 which would run this game easy, but it only has 3gb of VRAM, making so I can't run it on ultra.

If I recall correctly the 970/980 only have 4gb VRAM. VERY few cards have 6gb.

780 has a version with it, TITAN Black/Z.

While I'm not familiar with AMD, there is the 7990 and the 295X2.

80% of all cards are 2-4gb. Not 6gb, and this is just poor optimizing or a glaring flaw in their engine.

Th3o3167d ago

yup same boat as you, I have the Ti version that runs everything like butter but this game apparently needs more...anyways.

I'll hold off purchase until hey decide to stop this hardware upgrade push.

SniperControl3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I have 2 overclocked gtx 670's in SLI with a gtx 570 for phys X with everything set to ultra apart from the texture(which is set to high), the games chuggs along at around 40 - 60 fps, with ultra textures thats drops to around 30fps.
However, i dont see this as a particularly demanding game graphics wise, i just see a poorly optimised console port with tons of problems.
The forums over at Steam are heaving with requests for help trying to run this game properly, there's not even an official SLI profile for it yet, the game was made with nvidia cards in mind.
Poor in my opinion, should have got it for PS4 instead.

sorane3166d ago

It's plenty bienio. You don't need 6gb vram for this game. Look at the link below to see it runs like a dream maxxed out on a 970 and many cards below 970 specs. The vram requirement was a lie.

BitbyDeath3166d ago

The 73fps on a 970 was corrected to be only running on high settings not ultra.

sorane3166d ago

Ummm ok. Still doesn't change the fact that it runs smooth as silk on a 970 and below on ultra textures. All sorts of people on that thread with benchmarks with them enabled on 3gb-4gb cards getting really high framerates maxxed out.

kainslayer3166d ago

wait for 1080ti,titan2,390x . this game is not the big deal that the internet hype wants you to believe.If you are not tired for another assasins creed mordor edition then get it.Monolith is a good dev its a good game but it borrows so much stuff from batman and ac which i find annoying plus 40 gig plus install for an easily 360 game ;-p

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