‘Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer is all about skill’ reveals lead multiplayer designer

“Advanced Warfare is always about going back to the main goal which we had from the beginning, which was gun-skill,” says Sledgehammer’s lead multiplayer designer Greg Reisdorf.

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USMC_POLICE1481d ago

I'm sorry but ever since perks and cod became run and gun the skill has long been gone from call of duty.

gamesTM_dom1481d ago

Considering what Greg says in the interview, I'm kind of convinced Sledgehammer wants to learn from Infinity Ward/Treyarch's mistakes - after all, that's another developer's budget spent on trial-and-erroring for Sledgehammer, they'd be fools to ignore the criticisms that have come before, right?

I'm confident they can at least *alter* how arcade-y/twitch-y CoD has become, if not 'cure' it fully

ramiuk11481d ago

im praying quickscope is gone.
that and the shotguns that can shoot further than assault rifles

OculusRift1481d ago

Why? QS doesn't affect you in anyway. It's just a way some users like to play. What's wrong with that?

ZeroX98761481d ago

with Counter strike, every gun can quick scope if you're accurate enough, hence I'm used to this speed.

StrawberryDiesel4201481d ago

Bullshit, go play a few rounds of TDM at let me know what your KD is, and don't lie. Only people that play the game regularly, or are just good at gaming will average above 1.0KD. The game is based highly on skill which is why it's played professionally in tournaments. If no skill was involved, any rag tag team of morons could win money or dominate easliy, which isn't true. It's a twitchey arcadey shooter, I'll give you that much. But it most certainly requires skill to get a lot of kills and win matches.

USMC_POLICE1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Popularity mades a tournament not quite skill. Socom took skill and had competitions but not MLG tournaments because it wasent as popular as cod. Anyone can play cod from little kids to adults not everyone can play counterstrike or battlefield. And most adults who enjoy cod are starting to find other games that are not the same year after year.Point and case look how many current and former military people play a game like battlefield where as call of duty is more kids and cool people with 420 in their name.

RobAlmighty1481d ago

@USMC Thats weird, because I am in the military and every person I play with prefers COD over BF4.

I will say that Ghosts sucks, but BO2 was amazing. It purely comes down to opinion on what style shooter you like more.

They both take quite a bit of skill to be amazing at, and if you think otherwise... then you are completely ignorant.

PrivateRyan1481d ago

Advanced Warfare's multiplayer will be all about auto-aim

Like the others

It's more about learning the best positions on maps, hitboxes and understanding the respawn mechanics than it is 'gun skill'

pompombrum1481d ago

The same could be said for almost all games though, the only game that really requires "gun skill" is CS.

PrivateRyan1481d ago

Sure. I don't see those developers talking about gun skill though.

ramiuk11481d ago

smart gun in titanfail lol,that was bad

TimmyShire1481d ago

Modern Warfare I'd agree with. World At War I'd agree with.

Anything after that I would argue isn't about skill but net connection.

That said, I do like what I've seen of AW's multiplayer - a bit more Quake/Unreal about it than anything else.

RobAlmighty1481d ago

I 100% agree!

I think AW looks like Unreal so much! That is the main reason I am excited about it. The pure fast paced arcade frenzy. Here is to hoping!

Majin-vegeta1481d ago

Hmmm unless you have this
-No aim assist
-No perks
-Everyone starts out with a handgun and picks.up weapons as they go.
-Dedi servers.

Cod isn't about skill.

-Foxtrot1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I was just going to say the same thing, this is hilarious

Aim Assist
Weapon Mods...making loadouts stronger and unbalanced

I could go on, games can never be about skill if they still use the same old "COD" formula

This is why Uncharted 2 was fantastic, the only thing it was was boosters and even then after a certain level they didn't really help.

Meatyboy1481d ago

4 years too late, lost interest now

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