Frugal Gaming Review | Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment

Rich dwellings feel lavish and affable, whilst backstreets feel dank and abandoned to the darkness. The admirable character design, outstanding voice acting and realistic facial animations are a real step forward from previous iterations- Writes Ian (MrBadDog)

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RogueSmurf1504d ago

"You constantly get the feeling you are being pushed along to one inevitable outcome."

Did you even play it? There are 5 outcomes per case, so it isn't even factually possible that you'd be pushed to 'one inevitable outcome' since one outcome isn't inevitable.

GG. C for effort.

Mrbaddog1504d ago

I take your point, what I was trying to explain was that although there are different endings for each case, it is rather obvious who the guilty party's are.

Without trying to spoil the experience for anyone interested playing this game, deductions are often a choice between two facts, one of which is obviously incorrect. Thus leading you to an inevitable outcome.

I hope this helps explain better :-)

UglyGeezer1504d ago

In fairness, he did mention the five outcomes, but pointed out they could have been implemented better.