Crocodile, Jinbei and Ivankov Joins the battle in One Piece: Super Grand Battle X

According to the latest scan, Crocodile, Jinebi and Ivankov will appear in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS video game, One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X. The game will be available hitting Japan on November 13 for Nintendo 3DS and will feature more than 85 characters.

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megatron007331481d ago

Awesome . Waiting for it badly.

megatron007331481d ago

Some games are better to play in 2D graphics and one piece is one of them.

johnrapper11221481d ago

Finally, a One piece title that I'm really waiting for. I played many One Piece titles but most of them are not good enough! Have huge expectations from this one.

season841481d ago

Awesome images! Can't wait to play the game.