Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale details: 30th Sept-6th Oct 2014

There may be a fair few new games out this week, but the Xbox Live Deals With Gold promotion is still the best place to pick up the bargains. Check out the new sale details right now.

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Volkama3096d ago

I feel like the list is missing something... Can't quite put my finger on what though. Maybe an elephant, or a newer console or something.

Scatpants3096d ago

I was wondering where I could find some old games no one wants on an old system I don't play anymore. Oh, wait, I wasn't doing that.

LAWSON723096d ago

I don't know how anybody can turn there back on a huge catalog of games just because they have aged. Meanwhile, everybody hopes for some sort of rerelease on next gen. I personally love my PS3 which has an awesome catalog of JP games (still growing too) and I even miss my 360. As a PC gamer aswell I love how generations of games do not exist, because my catalog keeps growing and will be playable on the same platform for many years to come.

Scatpants3096d ago

I have played all of the games they have on sale because they are old.