Multiple Control Options Is A Huge Benefit For The Wii U

N247 Writes: Most gaming consoles are normally released with one controller. While having only one controller isn’t bad by any means, your also limited to a specific design that may or may not fit your gaming needs.This is one of the biggest benefits that the Wii U has and it’s a very understated feature that most people might not notice.

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Chupa-Chupa1505d ago

Gamepad FTW! I do like that Nintendo is bringing the gamecube controller along with Super Smash.

herbs1504d ago

Always good to have more options.

R00bot1504d ago

And Smash Bros. uses all of them!
Wii remote, Wii remote and Nunchuck, classic controller, classic controller pro, GamePad, Gamecube remote and the Wii U pro controller. That's tons.

Gemmol1504d ago

My favorite controllers of all time

1 GamePad
2 Gamecube
3 Wii U Pro Controller (Xbox 360) I put Wii U pro controller because of the 80 hour battery, its beautiful to go a long time without charging, so since they both similar, I give the Wii U pro controller the better controller cause of the battery
4 PS4 Controller
5 Xbox One Controller

Gemmol1504d ago

I also agree with the article, I love that the Wii U have a ton of controllers, it lets you play in your perfect way. I remember when I had the ps3 only and I went by a friend house to play the Wii, and he had Medal of Honor I Think, I cannot remember, but playing with the Wii Remote, was pretty fun, I have not seen anything like that in a while, it made me not want to play shooters with regular controllers any more. I also played Resident Evil 4 for the Wii, I think thats the best version when you play with the Wii Remote, it just feels like the game was always built for it. I did not get a Wii, but I got a Wii U, so I was lucky Nintendo allow it to play Wii games, I was able to play the best game last generation, which is The Last Story from the creator of Final Fantasy who left Square after Final Fantasy 10 and Kingdom Hearts 2, but yeah, that game is a RPG lovefest. Its a great story, I kind of rush it and beat it with 33 hours, but great game, and guess what, the controller I use was the wii pro controller, which is a good controller too, so altogether, Nintendo got a lot of good controllers.

lefty1504d ago

I wont even be playing fps on consoles if it weren't for the wii-mote, it really makes shooters fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.