McCain uses MoH music for campaign

Video game soundtracks being used in a political campaign? GamePolitics has shrewdly noticed that a recent John McCain ad is layered with the theme from EA's Medal of Honor: European Assault.

Very inspiring, one supposes? The plot thickens, though, when you learn that the music's composer, Christopher Lennertz, is one hundred percent Team Obama.

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DJtyler3771d ago

I am NOT voting for McCain!

spectyre3771d ago

I am not voting for McCain or Obama. I must vote my conscience so I cannot give a thumbs up to either.

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Silogon3771d ago

What a joke, all of it is the same. It's like rap, it all sounds the same. All war music, i don't care who you are it all sounds the exact same. Like my post here. Anyone who sat thru his advert and thought "hey, that's from medal of honor" needs to be paint balled in the nuts with frozen balls. All there is to it, ya damn dorks!

A thin red line
Saving Private Ryan

are 2 movies that used the same score in several bits of their movies. Respectively. This is no different. The composure is mad cause he used his music in his advert? Well, then all composers should be mad at this guy for ripping off their music.

Deadman643771d ago

All rap sounds the same? What an ignorant statement.

f4t41_ph4nt0m3770d ago

all rap does NOT sound the same