Politician blames Nintendo for lazy teens

An Australian politician believes Nintendo and Xbox are to blame for the country's high number of unemployed youth. Federal Liberal MP Ewen Jones argues that young people should be made to wait six months before receiving unemployment benefits, a proposal put forward by the Abbott government.

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Geobros1484d ago

Haha!!! Crazy politician....

xHeavYx1483d ago

Yeah, everyone is at fault except those lazier parents

HighResHero1483d ago

....or the sleazy politicians.

dedicatedtogamers1483d ago

I'm actually curious about their economic situation over there. Reason why I ask is because here in the USA a ton of jobs are eaten up by people in their 40s and 50s and 60s+, the same sort of jobs that - 20 years ago - were "entry level jobs" for people going to college. Nowadays you can either work a crappy job or you can rack up student loans and hope to get a less-crappy job.

That sort of depressing environment would certainly lead to "laziness". Has nothing to do with videogames, but those kids gotta find something to take their mind off their troubles when they can't even get a job, true?

3-4-51483d ago

Has a politician ever stood up and said " We the politicians, are the problem! " ?

CerealKiller1484d ago

Yes obviously without video games there would be no lazy people in the world.

GeofferyPeterson1484d ago

You just said that "without video games there would be no lazy people in the world." You think video games make people lazy!? Maybe that theory works for your lifestyle, but as far as I know most gamers don't spend 24 hours a day being lazy, while playing games.

Blastoise1484d ago

I assume he was being sarcastic

Software_Lover1483d ago

..............*gives the Kevin Hart blank stare*

LeonhartX1483d ago

Thank god Playstation isn't making us lazy like Nintendo and Xbox!!


ceballos77mx1483d ago

That politician is probably a sony fanboy.

SilentNegotiator1483d ago

It's always funny the way that politicians mention specific brands, like they have an unemployed nephew with certain products that they modeled their "modern lazy teen" after.

uth111483d ago

Huh? We all know that videogames cause kids to stockpile lots of weapons and go on shooting sprees and murder prostitutes. That requires a lot of planning and is hard work. How can you call them lazy?


FullmetalRoyale1483d ago

But thanks to them, my body is ready.

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The story is too old to be commented.