Which Car Should I Start With In Forza Horizon 2?

After the first race in Forza Horizon 2 you will have three cars you can choose to start off with. All of the cars are good but which one is the best?

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christian hour1504d ago

It's a pretty hard choice, if I can't maake my mind up between the two I usually panic and pick Bulbasaur. I hear he levels up quicker, and Misty won't know what hit her!

GodGinrai1504d ago

deffo the supra. tonnes of tuning potential. Sexy body kits.

and then Ill probably slap a paint job like this:


danowat1504d ago

Floppy American Barge, German midlife crisis wagon, or the Supra.

Not a hard decision ;)

Torque_CS_Lewith1504d ago

I'll take that midlife crisis any day!

user3672721504d ago

It has so many good ones to choose from but I'll go with the Supra...cant wait to play it tonight!!!

GarrusVakarian1504d ago

I'll go with the Supra to start, but you get to keep a Ferrari 360 Scuderia from coming 1st in one of the first events, so I'll end ditching the Supra for the 360 very quickly.

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The story is too old to be commented.