PS4/Xbox One Vs. Alienware's Gaming Console

Alienware's mini gaming PC console ( a former Steam Box contender) specs against the next-gen console specs of the PS4 & Xbox One.

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masterfox1480d ago

"these two have the same amount of RAM " ? yeah PS4 and xbone have the same RAM specs right ? [email protected]#ss

That women was so clueless had not a single idea what she was talking about :D

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nicksetzer11479d ago

Yea, this video is the biggest waste of time ever, literally covered nothing useful at all.

UltraNova1479d ago

Totally a waste of time.

Off topic:

Was I the only one who had the image of the xb1 devouring both the ps4 and Alienware consoles and still have room for a wii u stuck in my head the whole 3.5 minutes???

Damn its a beast!

isarai1479d ago

Well SHE probably doesn't, she's most likely just reading a script.

KrisButtar1479d ago

I am curious is the Alienware just a PC or is it more like a console that can do PC things? I ask as I'm not to thrilled with current gen so far but every time I try and go PC I just end up having way more problems so I continue to settle for consoles. A little more insight on this product would be nice.

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BitbyDeath1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Spec comparisons are largely useless for consoles vs PC.
Shadow of Mordor is a prime example of this.

ravensly1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

but hardware is what matter. you cant optimize ps4 to perform better than whats its capable of. you fanboys said it yourself that xbox one cant outperform ps4 due to hardware. same logic

BitbyDeath1479d ago

Hardware matters but good luck trying to get Shadow of Mordor working on a PC with the equivalent of PS3 or 360 specs.

It just won't work.

ThanatosDMC1479d ago

Learn the what the word optimize means first.

uth111479d ago

'optimization' in the PC world means "just go buy a new video card"

Artista 1479d ago

The form factor is really attractive. Alienware still hasn't annoucned a release date.

Angeljuice1479d ago

It's hideous, really bad from a design point of view. Its supposed to be a living room consumer device blending seamlessly into the surroundings but looking cool and sleek at the same time.

This is a shouty "look at me" device designed like one of those awful neon "bling" PCs. Very childish styling if you ask me.

Tiqila1479d ago

I think the design is awesome. It kind of has a similar form factor than the dreamcast.

ovnipc1479d ago

X1>ps4>pc. Pc does not have games like the order, dc, fh2, mcc. Plus don't have o worry about keyboard and mouse vs controller. Consoles for me unless I'm playing Rome 2 or coh2.

Tiqila1479d ago

Imo PS4 succeeds the X1 and a Highend PC would succeed them both in terms of pure computational prowess. Then there are the games and here it really depends on which games you like.

You like Starcraft, Warcraft, Dota, League of Legends, WoW, Age of Empires, HoN, Sins of a solar empire, Amnesia, Eve Online, ...
then PC > *

You like Uncharted, Last of Us, Sunset Overdrive, Gran Turismo, Forza, Gears/God of War,...
then PS4/X1 > PC

You like Smash Bros., New Super Mario Bros., Bayonetta, Donkey Kong, Mario Party, Kirby, Pikmin, Zelda, Metroid,...
then Wii U > *

I am tired of the freaking "console war" and the "pc master race". Which system is best for you depends on the type of gamer you are, one can not possibly rate them without considering personal preferences.

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