N64 Promo Video Brings Back All the Embarrassment of '90s Gaming

If you want to see exactly how far gaming has come in 18 years, let's think back to the Nintendo 64, the groundbreaking console that went on sale in the U.S. on Sept. 29, 1996.

To promote the upcoming console, Nintendo sent Nintendo Power subscribers a VHS tape — because it was 1996 — that featured a 15-minute commercial. Along with a lot of sight gags, backwards hats and ridiculous one-liners, the video did give players a long look at the upcoming N64 games.

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fonger081481d ago

I must have watched that video like 100 times before I stumbled upon that glorious target demo kiosk of super Mario 64 back in the day.

HighResHero1481d ago

My mind was blown when I encountered that kiosk demo at Toys R Us.

Geobros1481d ago

One of my favorite consoles. Great video!!

manaxknight11481d ago

one of THE best moments in video game history!

SovereignSnaKe1481d ago

~LOL at the VHS track lines. I remember My two brothers and I were especially proud because we were the only ones in town who got one for Christmas '96. ^_^

knifefight1481d ago

The 90's are practically reaching through the screen at me.

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The story is too old to be commented.