Atari Threatens Reviewer 50,000 Euros for giving Alone in the Dark 68/100

The german videogame site reviewed the new 'Alone in the Dark' game and gave 68%. As we know that's quite a low score and influences your decision to buy the game or not. 4players said that 'Alone in the Dark' has a lame story and bad dialogue besides some technical issues like clipping and shitty artificial intelligence.
Atari wasn't happy to hear that and decided to threaten 4players to force them to take the review offline. Atari says that the review is based on a pirate downloaded version and is only set online to make profit through clicks. Atari wants to sue 4players about 50.000 Euros; if they do not take the review offline.

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v1c1ous4600d ago

6/10 (5/10 being average) was something to threaten someone over...

Ben10544600d ago

5 isn't average these days,
if a game gets 5 its considered crap,
and since they were using a pirate version of the game i think they have the right to sue, and its gonna hurt sales of the game.
i fink 50,000 is a bit much though

NO_PUDding4600d ago

It wasn't pirated though.

I would be on Atari's side, had it been 58%, but since it's near 70% there seems no reason to threaten.

Otehrwise, I totally think Atari can do what they want. A lot of effort has gone into the game, and you can bet this was someone like me who hates the 360, being cross it's coing out on the PS3 later.

I honestly believe bias liek that is why games score low marks, and why developers and publishers SHOULD take action.

Drakol4600d ago

I'd have to disagree with you. Even if the game got a 1% and I were to be working for Atari, I'd rather investigate how we could improve from what the reviewer had said about our product. Suing a video game news site, even a small one at that, not only makes you look bad, but it shows that you will stop at nothing to have crap titles on the market.

Congrats Atari, your head went a bit further up your own ass =D

cp684600d ago

It's worth 68/ friend bought it earlier this afternoon...truly is crap.

TheDeadMetalhead4600d ago

That's a little overboard, don't you think? I mean, it's their opinion isn't it?

The gaming GOD4600d ago (Edited 4600d ago )

And to be honest, any respectable company that sues over a review score isn't that respectable to begin with.

So this makes Atari look really bad.

zigzag4600d ago

That there game sucks

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The story is too old to be commented.