Unchained Special: How to (and NOT to) review a video game

Unchained takes a break from its usual episodes this week for another great special, and perhaps one of the most insightful podcast episodes PSU has released. PSU staff members Dane Smith, Glenn Gordon, Bryan King, and (eventually) Ernest Lin walk the world through their own processes, from start to finish, for reviewing a video game. They disclose how games are scored, what reviewers look for, and the importance of reviewing games fairly. They even discuss how much Sony and/or Microsoft really pay reviewers for their reviews, in response to many Internet comments.

They also go into what's wrong with current Internet-based game reviews, and why certain sites (yes, they get specific) are less than trustworthy.

This is a must-listen for any gamer, and we hope you enjoy it. Tune in next week for episode 56 of PlayStation Unchained.

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