Report: Game consoles most widely used video streaming devices in US

On Tuesday, Parks Associates published its report, which surveyed 10,000 American homes in early 2014, and it found 44 percent of broadband-using respondents considered a game console their "primary connected" device for accessing non-gaming Internet content, particularly video apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Video. Out of those console owners, "roughly three quarters" log into consoles to watch video apps at least once a week, and 40 percent of them watch over 10 hours of content a week.

The report goes on to rank broadband homes' preferred devices, with game consoles beating, in order, smart TVs (20 percent), streaming media boxes (12 percent), and Blu-ray players (nine percent). "What we find is that not every device has everything somebody wants," Parks Director of Research Barbara Kraus said in an interview with Ars. Kraus clarified that respondents were asked which device they used most. "You are going to continue using multiple devices until you have a platform that has everything you want on it," she said.

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uth111480d ago

Choke on that, Pachter!

gangsta_red1480d ago

Damn right, I use both my consoles for streaming all my content from my PC to my TV!

no_more_heroes1480d ago

And I was chastised the other day for wanting to watch YouTube on my ps4 smh. Why is it wrong to want to watch these things on a nice, big screen with surround sound (soon)? ;)

Granted, YouTube access on ps4 (browser) and xb1 (app) are pretty pants anyway. I just use the one on my 360.

Obviously it has a primary function, but if I'm gonna spend $400 or more on a piece of tech, its gonna have to serve more than one purpose.

metalmatters1480d ago

We know theres a you tu8be app coming for the PS4 soon

yarbie10001480d ago

The number of gamer's that always scream they only care about their consoles playing games is just a loud minority.

I don't want my cellphone to just make phone calls - and I don't expect my console to just play games.

The more my console(s) can do - the better

FsterThnFTL1480d ago

Not surprised at all since they have no games: