Bioware Shows Off 30 Minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition's Open World

Bioware shows off its newest entry in the Dragon Age franchise with a brand new demonstration.

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tkato1481d ago

Looks great, but this reminds the Dragon Age 2's fiasco, a quick reminder to why I hate EA so much.

SolidGear31481d ago

Good, I love Dragon Age II.

tkato1481d ago

I didn't say this game reminds me of DA2, they don't even look like the same franchise.

ThanatosDMC1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Fake open world. Notice how everything seems go die after a few swipes. Heck, tank classes arent acting like tanks. I wonder if this is normal mode or super easy mode.

SolidGear31481d ago

Very happy Varric is in here. My favorite character of the series. I romanced Merrill in II so I'd hope she's in here. Possibly DLC?

Regis1481d ago

They told people that they would not do dlc characters anymore

source look it up