Wii U update version 5.2.0 out now – folders and more

Nintendo has just rolled out a new system update for their Wii U home console; which includes new features such as the ability to create folders, a re-designed HOME menu, and many more.

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Kevlar0091478d ago

*quickly runs to my gamepad*


guitarded771478d ago

Quickly runs to the toilet... I ate Taco Bell.

Now onto Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Just got it last weekend.

LOL_WUT1478d ago

@ guitarded Enjoy it man it's really good game prepare to loose a lot of lives ;)

guitarded771478d ago


Dude I know... I have almost raged at the game a few times. I like a challenge, but this game is hard as hell sometimes. Don't know how they expect kids to play it.

Metallox1478d ago

Damn, and I'm at work. Poor Wii U.

3-4-51478d ago

Haven't touched my Wii in a few months, but not because I'm bored with it.

Been playing Vita, 3DS, XB1, and with FH2 & Smash Brothers releasing tomorrow & Friday that will continue.

* Once it gets closer to Smash Brothers Wii U release, then I'm going to download a bunch of eshop games to the Wii U and play the heck out of it...

Also by then we should have Mario Kart 8 DLC right ?

MSBAUSTX1478d ago

You are seriously missing out if you arent playing Hyrule Warriors.

Concertoine1478d ago

first Mario Kart DLC is in November.

also i recommend Bayonetta 2

Bubbamilk1478d ago

Bayo 2

U know u want it

3-4-51478d ago

No I plan on playing a bunch of games...I just took a break from the Wii U, because I had other games to play or that I was really into.

* I kind of game in cycles. I usually have 4-5 games I'm playing and once I finish that batch I move onto the next, so it all depend on which console I'm using.

* Cycling through 3DS, Vita, PSP, PC, Wii U & Xbox One, so there is only so much time for each.

* FH2 releases tomorrow with Smash Brothers on Friday.

That will keep me busy until Fantasy Life 3DS & Assassins Creed Unity.

I'll play all those until Smash bros. Wii U, and then once I start playing the Wii U again, I'm going to download some eshop games.

* Games like Mega Man X,X2,X3, MM7, Shovel Knight......Looking forward to Captain Toad.

I'm not into the Hyrule Warriors style of hacking n slashing a hundred enemies on screen at once or whatever.

I'm glad they made it for everyone else to play, but I won't be getting it most likely. I completely understand I'm missing out on a good game.

I'm ok with that.

My Next Legend of Zelda experience will be with the new LoZ game.

Segata1477d ago

Hyrule Warriors has been great fun and Bayonetta 2 next month.

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PS4isKing_821478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


Top news story of the week for me. Hell ya Nintendo!!!

Nevers0ft1477d ago

I had to confess to having a double-take when I read the headline. Wii U owners had wanted this for so long, then Nintendo just squirts it out with no warning or fanfare! It was never the mess some people claimed it was but the Wii U UI is certainly maturing quite well nowadays.

TheWackyMan1478d ago

The Wii U has features that the PS4 doesn't. Who woulda thunk it.

lonelyplayer1478d ago

How so? Wii U is 1 year older....

TheWackyMan1478d ago

But the PS4 is the definitive Next-gen console, dontcha know?

Locknuts1478d ago ShowReplies(2)
One-Shot1478d ago

Of course the system I have that has hardly no games on gets this and the system that has all my games doesn't yet.

It will though eventually though so whatever.

Locknuts1478d ago

It's the opposite for me, so I'm happy.

wonderfulmonkeyman1478d ago

I find it hard to believe that you can't find a lot of games on the Wii U at this point, unless all you're looking for is sports, shooters, and RPG's...

WeAreLegion1478d ago

Or you already played through the Wii U's lineup. I definitely have. Waiting for Bayonetta 2 now.

Nevers0ft1477d ago

Both consoles certainly need it. I have a Wii U and PS4, but the bulk of my games are on the Wii U so this will come in very useful. Whilst I don't have many PS4 games at the moment, I'm already finding the UI to be a bit unpredictable, with my game "tiles" seemingly moving at random. It's still a fine console and maybe it's because I'm new to Sony consoles, but navigating the menus normally involves me sitting there with my tongue out for 5mins trying to find stuff :D

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Metallox1478d ago

Folders? Yes, I guess... Anyway, Wii U needed these since launch, I mean, 3DS already had them by then, but well, at least they're here now, I only have one page left of squares for software, so yes, I'm happy ^^

browngamer411477d ago

There is no shortage for spaces even before this update-your screen would have just added a new page, mines been doing this forever as I'm now on my 12th page(which I've condensed down to two now with the folders);)

gamer78041478d ago

i'd be happy if they'd just separate the apps from the games, lol.

weekev151478d ago

Now you can do that yourself.

Kevlar0091478d ago

I still want to be able to turn my gamepad off during Netflix. Currently if you do the main screen is stuck on the gamepad menu and ofc you can't see anything. I have to use wiimotes.

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