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Sherlock Holmes Crimes And Punishments is a wonderful detective game to play if you are a fan of Sherlock and certainly, it is a leap forward in graphics for the franchise but still falls short in competing with the genre's best such as LA Noire due to some flaws.

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Alexious2675d ago

I love Sherlock Holmes, I might just have to give this one a try!

Mostafeto2675d ago

Well the game sure deserves to be tried out and played but as I said, it still lacks that secret ingredient that makes this one the perfect detective. Of course it also has a couple of technical and gameplay problems to be solved first.

FullmetalRoyale2675d ago

Do you not stand by your score?

Mostafeto2675d ago

I do stand by my score entirely and I wrote this after playing it from start to end to ensure I jduge it well @FullmetalRoyale

3-4-52675d ago

Not a game I'm going to pay full price for but at some point in time when it drops to like $30-40 I'd definitely like to play it.

Imp0ssibl32675d ago

Sounds nice. Perhaps the next one will be made in Unreal Engine 4!

Mostafeto2675d ago

Oh I am sure that will take quite a few years till it is out :) But still this one's graphics are more than good especially in close-up cutscenes