PlayStation TV Introduced in New Video

A new video has just been released that introduces the PlayStation TV to western markets.

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1482d ago
ValKilmer1482d ago

This might be the best value in gaming.

DarkZane1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

I have a PS3, a PS4 and a Vita. I want to get this, but not now with all the games coming in October and November. Not urgent because I can already do anything it can on something else (except play vita games on tv).

Plus if I wait, I will be able to find this a lot more easily, because I bet it will be all sold out for a while like all new consoles.

Iceball20001482d ago

Cant wait to get this! think i will set this up in my bedroom. PS4 is in the living room. so we'll see.

mixelon1482d ago

It's so cute..!

I'll probably get one for the remote play. I think they have an uphill battle on their hands in the streaming box space though. Far too much competition from the likes of Amazon, Roku, Apple, everyone - If Sony are serious about streaming they really need to push that and get fully behind it, as their competitors aren't just going to sit around.

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The story is too old to be commented.