After 2.4, what is needed for PSN? writes "So Xbox Live has been better than Playstation Network in terms of features and still is better but with Firmware Version 2.4 on the way things are about to change.

So when firmware 2.4 is released the Playstation Network will be pretty much neck to neck with Xbox Live. Firmware 2.4 will add in-game XMB and a Trophy system (Sony's answer to XBL achievements) so this firmware will pretty much overtake XBL ever so slightly.

Just think about the $50 a year fee for XBL versus Free for PSN. Not only that but Playstation Network is easily expandable through these firmware updates so they can probably add a lot more feature than XBL.

In terms of connection and online play there is nothing wrong with online play on the PSN, no lag apart from if your playing with someone with a crappy connection."

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Lucas223771d ago

does every xbox 360 game have dedicated servers?

Time Lord3771d ago

Xbox Live need to be free.

pwnsause3771d ago

XBL strictly uses P2P service with the exemption of that THQ game, forgo t the name of it

PSN uses P2P and Dedicated servers

Panthers3771d ago

Dedicated Servers are so much better. Resistance with no lag or host ending game=amazing .

NegativeCreepWA3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Developers can have dedicated servers on Live if they use there own servers. Its just cheaper for them not to.

Things PSN needs after 2.4

private chat

game invites for all games

being able to join friends in all games. I haven't touched GT5 since a couple days after it came out because of this.

voice chat in all games. whats the point of playing Hot Shots Golf with friends without it.

I like the potential PSN has. But people need to quit lying to themselves saying its almost on par with Live. Because its nowhere near it.

Last night I had to use my phone to hook up with a friend, so we could play MGO. In the four years I've been on Live I've never had to do that.

ash_divine3771d ago

what makes it "nowhere near" xbox live? the name?
like the article says, after a couple more firmwares they'll pretty much be one and the same( or at least very very close).

boodybandit3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

The features you are saying PSN is lacking will be addressed in 2.40. That is what this article is about and your primary complaints listed about PSN are one in the same. Voice chat, in game invites, cross invites, private chat, etc.

There still doesn't exist a game on XBL that runs as smooth as Warhawk and Resistance online with that many players. Not one game.

So how again are people kidding themselves about PSN being no where near as good as XBL? I have been playing the Battlefield demo on both PSN and XBL and it runs better on PSN. Now I am sure people will argue that is because of the difference in user base online but remember we are not paying Sony but we (XBL account members) are paying MS.

If anything MS should spend some of that cash (10 million users paying $50 per year. do the math) they are getting for Live and add some much needed bandwidth and streamline the in game profile. All XBL is to MS is a cash cow and they don't fix what needs fixing. Instead they just keep adding feature that most gamers don't use. Personally for me it is getting harder and harder to justify the price tag for XBL when PSN will soon be offering nearly the identical, if not possibly even better, experience.

Sorry but I think the only one kidding themselves here is you.

ThanatosDMC3770d ago

Doesnt each PS3 compensate for every other PS3 that are connected in the network?

znu3770d ago

I know what your saying

Xbox Live is different and on a better level right now

But with 2.4 update im hoping sony will fix all of that, in game voice chat, be able to join friends games, private chat with 1 person anytime you want,be able to send your friends voice messages or video messages, etc

but these will all be adressed by sony in time (sigh) but oh well.

Back to cod 4, cod 3, resistance and MGS/MGO in the mean time

Tomdc3770d ago

well be able to awnswer the articles questions once we see what 2.4 is exactly!

Tarasque3770d ago

Well the article say's lag free on PSN. Yeah my arse it is, everything i have played is dreadful laggy on psn, U3, gt5, MGO. And U3 is by far the worst. I have tried dmz'ing or changing nat setting's and everything nothing work's. But my 360,wii,psp,and ds play flawlessly online. It will be a while before i can put PSN in the same breath as Xboxlive.

Tomdc3770d ago

Ive never had any lag playin PS3 online! at least PS3 has some dedicated servers as opposed to 360 games which have none!

dantesparda3770d ago

Must be you router/gateway or your settings or something (maybe your PS3 & router just dont get along). Cuz from what I've seen, they are the same! As a matter of fact, I have seen way more lagging and disconnections on Xbox Live. Something is not right with your settings/combo

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jamesrocks31473771d ago

diffantly it would be more reliable and it would save all those "host ended game" ... "hose quit" "connection unstable" "connection lost" not that this happens often in games like cod4 or anything but it can happen rarely (before xbox 360 fanboys start braggin)...... PS3's interface is ace nothing wrong with it once in game xmb is here. ps3's interface loads everything all at once unlike xbox 360's.. you have to click this then click that to select ur friends list or music and then it loads.... with ps3 you just scroll up down left right on the xmb simple. who agrees? click it.

cool83771d ago

i agree it is simple.

rogimusprime3771d ago

I just got my ps3 last week. I've had 360 for a year and I don't see HOW MUCH better everyone says XBL is that PSN. In game XMB and sending invites to people in other games is about all I see PSN needs.

I don't see why they need to copy EVERY thing M$ does just to be considered competitive.

IF they copy, then they get shat on for not being innovative. If they don't copy...people start b*thcing.

I think they just need to get better PS Classics. XBL is highly overrated in terms of what they ACTUALLY GIVE YOU with your subscription.

How are you going to charge me for xtra characters and maps when I already shelled out 60 bucks on a game.


Sez 3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

i brought a ps3 and too me xbl is still better by a long shot. psn may be free and i give it that. but i still love live more.cross-game invites,everyone has a mic,comunnity,unified friends list,playing a trial version of a game before i buy it,not having to come out a game just to check a message,being able to go into a game like (PDZ,COD,GRAW 1,ect. an still find alot of ppl, and alot more. to me sony still has alot to catch up to live. and the last time i checked sony also charges you for maps and .(motorstorm,warhark)


That's the point of this article in the first place, after firmware 2.4 pretty much all the problem is solved. (BTW PSN got demo to try out and communities is pretty much what PSN is offering right now so I'm actually dont get your point on this one.)

Btw, I'm not considering everyone has a mic is a strong point since I barely use it, you know, if you get into a game a found only ranting kids you pretty much want to mute every single one of them, but if I really need to one to play game like War Hawk that require team play, then I'll grab my Jabra500 blue tooth and start paring.

Bolts3770d ago

Cross game invites are WAY overrated.

They're annoying as hell and more often than not I turn everything off so I can play in peace. There is nothing more annoying than getting spam invites for Madden when all you want to do is join a quickie Halo 3 match. I would trade every single Live features to transform all the crappy P2P games into stable dedicated servers like the PC. No more host disconnected issues with CoD 4 and no more game interruptions just because some idiot have to log off because his mom is calling him for dinner.

P2P need to die and go away. This technology is virtually dead on the PC FPS genre so why the hell are the nextgen consoles using it?

JasonXE3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

when ms comes up with a new update that psn doesn't have that is a must have (remember, ms does updates as well)? PSN should just stop copying every feature of xbl and think out of the box or else they'll always be a step behind whatever xbl comes out with and them trying to implement. Just proves that psn isn't on the same level as xbl and never will be as long as they're playing "catch up".

CrashSharc3770d ago

Home? perhaps?

just a thought.

dukencanesfan3770d ago

I have to agree because there really was no question. But I must say that the xbox360, even thought it doesnt scroll, is more organized because it has sections. Also, you make it sound like it takes time to load but unless you have a really bad TV it should load within 1/2 a second.

GarandShooter3770d ago

@ Jason

Have an example of MS's next must have feature?

Have any evidence Sony has nothing else up their sleeve? Maybe, just maybe, they're providing things players have been asking for first, before releasing the unexpected. Crash makes a good point with 'Home'.

A lot of us could care less about non-gaming features the way they're presented on XBL. I don't need a gaming console to watch movies or TV. My opinion may change with the release of Home, if you are in fact able to go to the Virtual Theater with online friends, but maybe not. The coolest thing I could think of doing would be to watch your favorite sports team with a friend who has moved halfway across the country, but neither XBL or PSN have hinted at that capability. But imagine, you and your boy have your camera's hooked up, you can see each other on your TV's, watching the game, throwing back a cold one......

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jamesrocks31473771d ago

resistance has dedicated servers and so will home and games like that its not so bad. the video store is needed next. but above all if in game xmb DOES NOT BRING in game chat across all games then i will be disapointed its just as needed if not more then in game xmb itself.

sony just really needs to push there network and developers. and advertise really well

will113771d ago

it does NOT include cross-game chat... only text messages...

cool83771d ago

how do you know?,maybe its a surprise.

will113771d ago

well, its just a guess cause the PS3 does not have enough RAM.

cool83771d ago

oh. but sony might pull something off.Who knows maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong. Only time will tell.

ThanatosDMC3770d ago

Sony's probably make another PS3 cluster just like how they handled Warhawk.

Mc Fadge3770d ago

Don't spread things unless you know it's truth. You just admitted to 'guessing'.

Ben10543770d ago

are not really needed with the ps3. on lots of PS3 games you can check what servers your friends are in and if you want to join them you press join server which their on,
if the other person wants u to join they can just send a message saying "join my server...." then you go under their name in game and see what server they are in

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PSWe603771d ago

PSN is great, after v2.4 I won't care for anything else really. The TV show/movie download service doesn't do a thing for me.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3771d ago

Nothing i'm happy with it!;)
Can't believe xBot Lemmings pay for their xBox Live!!!;-D
It doesn't do anything special???

gunnerheadboy3770d ago

Actually we can watch movies for free! On your PS3 web browser go to and you can watch movies on your ps3! I just watched leather heads :].

syanara3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Never heard someone talk of a fanboy as a lemmings before lol

The ACTUALY features are in-game XMB and trophy support confimred!

also lots of the things that you hear the ps3 is commoing out with is mostly fanboy speculation but trophies and in-game XMB are CONFIRMED for 2.4

Lord Vader3771d ago

fix the lack of private chat & friend invites please.

Thats on this update right ?

Infernus3770d ago

The in-game XMB (I've personally shortened to igXMB) will allow you to message your friends so you can invite them into a game or just send them a straight forward message. It'll be the messaging stuff that you have on the XMB only you'll be able to get at it in-game with the igXMB. I don't know about private chat in-game, but all the messaging stuff is in.