Shadow of Mordor’s Spectacular Benchmark Clocks 73 FPS on a GTX 970 at Maximum Settings

A lot has been said about Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor's requirements on PC, but today we can check out its performance on a rig sporting a rather high end GTX 970 with 4 gigabytes of video RAM.

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Neixus3172d ago

Wow, didn't knew the game looked this good on PC

starchild3172d ago

Yeah, it looks really great. They have a longstanding PC pedigree so they definitely know how to make a good PC game.

I'm happy that the game runs that well. I should be able to get close to 60fps with my GTX 770, even if it means I have to turn a setting down. But I will probably be getting a GTX 980 in October anyway.

vishmarx3172d ago

no 4k?
and dips to 42fps
also not maxed out since ultra textures arent out
not master class enough.

Hydrolex3171d ago

Garbage port... 6GB vram ??? lmao ! YES Garbage port

nveenio3171d ago

Aliasing was pretty bad.

FlameBaitGod3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

and it will look better than this in person. YouTube doesn't really stream full hd.

Btw what vishmarx said is true, high and ultra are the same things right now. They are releasing a texture pack for this game when it comes out.

Magicite3171d ago

sao after all you dont need 6GB vram to max this game?

porkChop3172d ago

If he has a 4GB card then why is he using Ultra textures which are for 6GB+ cards?

TIER1xWOLFPACKx3172d ago

Ultra textures haven't been released for the game yet so regardless of him selecting them they arent enabled. And yeah selecting them anyway is pretty pointless considering his card only has 4GB ram

Patrick_pk443172d ago

Sadly the game is poorly optimized requiring 6GB of VRAM. The only cards that have 6GB of VRAM is the 780 TI and the Titan. But I am glad I ordered a 970 after seeing these settings and its performance.

Ares84HU3172d ago

hahahaha, I got out of PC gaming many years ago and I remember when everyone was floored when you had a 512mb video card. :D

Times have changed and now people causally say, oh he only has a 4GB video card. hahaha

starchild3172d ago

We'll see. We've seen it happen before that the system requirements are overstated. Sometimes they say you need a certain amount of VRAM and it turns out you actually don't need that much.

I'm not saying that this will be the case this time, but it's definitely a possibility.

Patrick_pk443172d ago

This. It doesn't hurt to try putting it on Ultra. If it works, then perfect.

Genova843171d ago

@Patrick_pk44, I agree. I always put everything on max and trim back from there. My crossfire 6990s are getting out classed lately. Sadly almost no games are optimized for my 4 GPUs ... Probably getting a Strix GTX 970 soon. Building a new rig as we speak ...

Meltic3171d ago

Im getting my game soon. Im going to try it out with my 970 card i bought a few Days ago

Seafort3172d ago

I played watch dogs on medium/high on my GTX 460 768MB. Anything is possible :)

I never believe system requirements from developers. They are nearly always wrong and bloated to what real world requirements are.

I certainly don't believe The Evil Within requires 4GB VRAM for recommended specs. It's on the RAGE and Wolfenstein engine and I've already played them fine on my old GTX 460.

FlameBaitGod3171d ago

Have the same card, getting a GTX 970 when I can tho :D

aLiEnViSiToR3171d ago

Yeah i got gtx 560Ti 1gb and play alot of games on great settings at 1080p but i think of getting gtx 970 soon i just dont want to rush in cuz if i get gtx 970 im hoping it will last for next 5+ years at least.

ibrake4naps3172d ago

My pc sucks. I'll get it for ps4...

starchild3172d ago

My PS4 sucks, I'll get it for my PC...

Just kidding, my PS4 doesn't suck, it just isn't as powerful as my PC so I usually get multiplats for my PC.

aLiEnViSiToR3171d ago

hmm you two got a gif already O_o

muhahahahahaahaah xD

ibrake4naps3171d ago

Lolz at disagrees that my pc sucks :-P

FlameBaitGod3171d ago

They know ur pc better than u do duh!

user3672723172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

If you want the very best experience and performance, the PC version with a gaming rig is your key. Can't wait to play this game!!

Abriael, you forgot to add the "PC exclusive 73FPS" on your title. : D

windblowsagain3172d ago

Your correct.

PC - 1080P MAXED Looks awesome @ 60+ wjatever your rig can handle.

PS4 1080p Maxed Looks awesome @50-60fps.

XB1 - I hear 720p. Probably 45-60fps.

xTheMercenary_3171d ago

ps4 max?? i personally dont think so i'd say high at the most nothing more.

user3672723171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )


'Ps4 maxed' lmao...then why the variable frame rate if maxed? 😒
Not my problem that console versions has issue as I have a $1600 PC rig...never heard of fluctuating or variable or unlock frame rate..hug my PC. 💻💝

OculusRift3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Alright, I just ordered parts for a new extreme budget Gaming PC(for school work too). I hope they all get here before saturday, so I can build it and enjoy this game. Or, I'll just rent it from RedBox and play on PS4. When's the release date? I can't seem to find it with Google. I keep finding LOTR stuff

TheParanoidx3172d ago

Tomorrow for the US. 3rd of Oct for Europe.

Seafort3172d ago

Not entirely true.

Retail versions is the 3rd October. Digital PC versions is 30th September.

Eyesoftheraven3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Ahh the good ol' "It's for school work too" excuse. That's alright, we've all used it!

Allsystemgamer3172d ago

Mine is....I'm in school for film....I need raw power for editing in 4k and 3d rendering...

Eyesoftheraven3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

It was meant to be taken as just a friendly joke. I did the same thing for film school as well. I'm actually a DP and Editor. Editing some ARRI ALEXA footage as I type this.

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