Destiny Exotic Gear Guide: Where And How To Buy The Best Weapons And Armor In The Game

The gold items in Destiny are the best and most unique available, but what will you need to acquire them?

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Rooted_Dust1571d ago

Just beat the Vault with my clan, got the Raid chest piece and the exotic Icebreaker sniper rifle.

Lawboy21571d ago

I got ascendent shards...and the chatterwhite shader....screw u just kidding the raid was so good wow...couldnt care what i got

Rooted_Dust1570d ago

Shards to me are just as good, cause the daily heroics have been killing me with just Ascendant Energy. I'm also close to getting Pocket Infinity, only 110 more nightfall kills to go.

KidBroSweets21570d ago

I finally got a crew together and beat the raid two nights ago. Got the chatterwhite shader which most get when you beat it the first time (but not garaunteed) and the "Vision Of Confluence" legendary scout rifle that has solar burn damage and is making me change which exotic weapon to use since I had my "Hard Light" exotic auto rifle that I've fully upgraded. That solar burn damage on a primary is well worth it.

USA0071570d ago

Icebreaker is an awesome gun, doesn't run out of ammo, and celts for really nice damage. Extremely helpful on nightfalls

Mega241571d ago

Wish I could equip all my exotics, my Warlock would be fully equipped, except for boots.

rpgenius4201571d ago

I have that sniper rifle! Funny thing is I got it from a legendary engram I decoded lol the active camo is nice!

--Onilink--1570d ago

there's a mistake in the article. You dont need to complete the weekly on the hardest difficulty right away, since it doesnt award players only once.

It awards 9 coins max. If you do it on 28 you get all 28 right away. 3 coins on 22 and 6 on 24.

However whatever coins you are given after completing are substracted from the max you can get.

Example: you do level 22, get 3 coins. If later on you do the level 24, it wont give 6, just 3. Or if you do it on 28, you will get 6, to round up the 9 you would normally get on that difficulty.

Of course if you can do the level 28 right away thats the fastest option.