Portal 2 improves brain cognition better than Lumosity, study says

According to a recent study published in Computers and Education, Portal 2 improves cognitive ability and brain function better than Lumosity, a popular brain-training game.

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WeAreLegion1481d ago

Well, yeah. Your mind is constantly at work in Portal. Especially in co-op mode.

ForgottenProphecy1481d ago

Probably because when you're playing Portal 2, you're not trying to improve brain cognition, you're most likely trying to have fun, which is what gaming should be.
Portal 2 is also a damn good game too, with clever puzzles, so that helps.

aLiEnViSiToR1481d ago

That is why you learn best when you have fun :D

Kingdomcome2471481d ago

It definitely gave my brain a workout. One of my more enjoyable gaming experiences.

BiggerBoss1481d ago

Okay this is just awesome

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