Samsung Gear VR Demo Units Already Springing up at Best Buy

Road to VR – Despite not yet officially confirming a release date or price for Gear VR, Samsung’s first mobile VR headset, demo units are already popping up at electronics retailer Best Buy in the United States.

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Gaming247allday1504d ago

Watch Samsung will have the best Headset out of everyone lol

Pandamobile1504d ago

Well they are partnered with Oculus on this device.

Funantic11504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

You're right. I've read reports of the Morpheus being blurry because of the cheaper lenses on it.

lemoncake1504d ago

Looks like Samsung is going to beat everyone to the punch, prepare for angry birds vr edition.

Secretariat1504d ago

Or the more riske VR adult version of Angry Birds, Angry Balls.

WeAreLegion1504d ago

Cool. Enjoying Google Cardboard. Can't wait to try this.

masterfox1504d ago

lol and the oculus raft ?

filchron1503d ago

floatin on a 2 billion dollar raft. theyll have enough $$ to put out a demo at a few dozen best buys too

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