Best racing wheels for Forza Horizon 2 and other Xbox One racers

Game Idealist takes a look at the best racing wheels (and other add-ons) for Forza Horizon 2 and other Xbox One racing games.

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Foehammer1479d ago

Mad cats has quality issues, I went through 3 in 2 years on 360. Hats off to mad cats for it's 2 year warranty, too bad it cost me another $100 in shipping it back.

I went with the TX, saw some tests online that said it was best and the Mad Catz was grinding and not centred.

system221479d ago

what are your thoughts on the TX? My Fanatec wheel doesn't work on xb1 and nothing on ps4 seems like its going to support it.... kind of a bummer considering the cost.

Foehammer1479d ago

I have the TX, it works good.

I heard Fanatec was getting software support for consoles.

At the end of this review he says the TX is his wheel of choice.

They also test the Mad Catz, does not go well, even after the replacement wheel.

system221479d ago

awesome. thx. i was curious to know about the mad catz but had some skepticism due to my history with them.

Scatpants1479d ago

I want that new Fanatec wheel thats supposed to come out soon. Supposedly its going to work on xbox1 and ps4. Costs a crapton and only available in small amounts though. I heard you have to be invited to buy one right now.

n1kki61479d ago

I have the 458 italia, and it definitely drives better than the G27 I used on my PS3. That said the actual rim quality sucks. But that is what I will be using on the XB1. When I can order the t300rs for the PS4 from gamstop I will be picking that up as well. I have $250 in credit.

I will be doing a video with the final forza release and my wheel on my theater setup tomorrow night.

I haven't used any other wheels on my XB1. Here was the unboxing.

TXIDarkAvenger1479d ago

Does G27 support One and PS4? Or will there be support in the future? Pretty bummed out if I gotta buy a new wheel, G27 was by no means cheap.

iamgoatman1479d ago

Logitech stopped supporting their wheels a while back, so no, you're G27 won't work on either of the new consoles.

Varmint1478d ago

It's very depressing that the G27 is not supported by either new-gen console. I've yet to see a wheel for PS4 or XBO that matches the features and quality of the G27 for the price. Most of these wheels are much more expensive and yet they do not include a clutch pedal and shifter.

Guess I'm moving to PC for racing games from now on.